• Iran: 2 members of Maktabe Quran Org. detained

    Published on : 11 01 2011

    KURDISTAN: The Iranian authorities last week detained two members of “Maktab-e-Quran Movement of Kurdistan” from Baneh city of Kurdistan, western Iran.“Sunnionline” quoted from a Kurdish web wire that last week on Tuesday, 4th January, after 1:00 A.M the policemen and security officials of “Baneh” searched out homes of Usman Abdi and Yassen Qaderi, the members […]


  • Legal leave of Shaikh Hussaini from jail cancelled

    Published on : 04 01 2011

    KERMANSHAH: The Iranian authorities have cancelled legal leave of Shaikh Saifullah Hussaini, he has been shifted from “Hajiabad Bisetoun” jail to the central jail of Dizelabad, Kermanshah in the western province of Iran.


  • ‘Confiscation of Iranian Balochs’ NIC is Injustice’

    Published on : 03 01 2011

    ZAHEDAN: Cancellation of the Baloch citizens’ identity cards on the bases of false and bogus reports is violation of the Iranian rules and basic rights of Balochs, that’s why some of them have joined anti state parties, Shaikh Abdul Hameed said on Friday. The great leader of Sunnis in Zahedan more added, ‘It happened frequently […]


  • ‘Root out main causes of insecurity for peace’

    Published on : 25 12 2010

    Pointing out towards the solution for going on peace crises in Sistan-Balochistan province of Iran, Shaikh Abdul Hameed requested the Iranian government that to overcome all the crises first of all it is absolutely necessary. And the rulers must have consultation with Islamic scholars, politicians and the tribal chiefs of all sects in order to […]


  • State TV ignores fatwa of Khamenehi by insulting Sahabas

    Published on : 22 12 2010

    TEHRAN: The Iranian state-run television has been continuing sacrilege of a great companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) through a drama serial “Mukhatr” which presents the biography of “Mukhtar bin Abi Ubaid Thaqafi”.


  • ‘Shiite mustn’t insult Sunnis’ sanctities in their religious ceremonies’

    Published on : 29 11 2010

    ZAHEDAN: Respected Shaikh Abdul Hameed called the Shia community to realize the sacred signs of Sunni community while they observe their religious activities.Talking to tens of thousands in Makki mosque of Zahedan, the prominent scholar said, “There are some festivals which are considered very important among the Shia community, such occasions do not have any […]


  • ‘We Want our Legal Rights not Power’

    Published on : 19 11 2010

    Delivering Eid sermon to more than 200,000 worshipers in the central Musalla (place for Eid prayers) of Zahedan in Eid-ul-Adha day, khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan stated that the only demands of the Sunni community of Iran is to have “maintenance of religious freedom of the Sunni community in Iran” and “implement of equality between […]


  • Happy Eid-ul-Adha to all Muslims

    Published on : 17 11 2010

    Eid of sacrifice, altruism, honesty, love and obedience of Allah Almighty has arrived.


  • Pressure continues, the passport of Shar’i judge of Kurdistan confiscated

    Published on : 16 11 2010

    KURDISTAN: The Iranian authorities have confiscated an other passport of a prominent Kurd Sunni scholar, Kak Hasan Amini, his personal tools and hand drafts were taken in the government control.


  • ‘Sunni scholars are not traitor’

    Published on : 15 11 2010

    KHASH: the preacher of Sunnis in Azadshahr, Mawlana Muhammad Hussein Gurgij has condemned the confiscation of some Sunni scholars’ passports and said that Sunni ulema never purloin inside or outside of Iran to the country.