Shaikh Ab. Hamid:

Give Importance to “Sunnah”

Give Importance to “Sunnah”

Khateeb and Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan expressed his views on the importance of “Sunnah” of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH and said that prophets were sent to teach people the right religion in act.
Talking to tens of thousands in Zahedan on 23rd March, 2018, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “As other prophets, the Last Messenger of Allah was dispatched to show people the way of acting on Islam. He used his tongue and acts for this purpose. Allah chose a man for prophecy to make acting on Islam easy for human beings.”
“Rasoulullah, peace be upon him, was the actual example of the Qur’an. His all acts, habits and moral were in accordance with the Noble Qur’an. He had an exemplary role in mercy, protecting others’ dignity and respect, taking care of relatives and kin and even animals,” he added more.
President of Darululoom Zahedan further said: “Sunnah has a vast meaning; it isn’t limited to siwak/brush and beard. Calling to Allah, relying on Him and migrating on His path are also “Sunnah”. We should look up each and every Sunnah of the Prophet and pass the life according to them.”
He said: “Unfortunately, there is no any strong desire and zeal to act upon Sunnah. But Sahabah used to act on Sunnah continuously with motivation; we should follow their footprints.”
“We have to be sensitive about acting on Sunnah. If we go against Sunnah, we should regret and seek forgiveness and give donation in order to not repeat that mistake,” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid said.

Domestic Producers Enhance Quality of their Productions
In the second part of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid alluded to the New Year’s slogan “support for Iranian products” and urged on enhancement of domestic products’ quality and support of Iranian producers by the officials and people.
The official website of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid reported his speech delivered in Zahedan, southeastern Iran and said: “We’d like to recommend the producers to boost the quality of domestic products and manufacture good products with high quality.”
“The government also should support the domestic producers more and lower the rate of tax on industrial and traditional products,” Khateeb of Sunnis added more.
He addressed Iranians and said: “Support domestic products to make factories activated and produce jobs for people.”
Shaikh Ab. Hamid alluded to usurious deals of banks and called on the gov. and parliament to reform the regulations of banks and financial institutes.
In another part of his speech, he pointed out to the wave of travels by Iranians on the New Year’s holidays and said: “During these days some fatal accidents take place on highways. Therefore, all drivers should drive carefully and remember Allah, too.”

Darululoom Zahedan’s graduation ceremony is an example of fraternity
President of Darululoom Zahedan reminded the audience about the annual graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan, the biggest gathering of the Sunni community in Iran.
He said: “The graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan is an example of freedom, fraternity and unity. In this ceremony Ulama, intellectuals, officials and guests from different parts of the country and some other states participate and discuss on the affairs of the both worlds.”
“This ceremony has left positive effects in the province and country. All worshipers are requested to make Du’a for the ceremony to be held successfully with the pleasure of the Almighty,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid added more.
He concluded his points and said: “Without the blessings of the Almighty, all ceremonies and meetings are useless; our all activities should be for the sake of Almighty. Such ceremonies should be productive for all sects, thoughts and groups.”


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