Foresight Can Maintain Unity of the Nation

Foresight Can Maintain Unity of the Nation

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid termed ‘unity and solidarity of Iranian sects’ the secret of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and called ‘foresight’ necessary for unity and togetherness.
The web portal of the office of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, the Friday imam of Sunnis in Zahedan, southeastern Iran, reported that he had alluded to the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and said: “The victory of the Islamic revolution was a divine blessing not only for the Iranian nation, but for the people of whole world.”
“The regime of Shah had the support of the super-powers. According to the outward tools, there was not any possibility for the victory, but due to the intention of the nation and divine support, the nation could overthrow the former regime,” he added more.
The rector of Darululoom Zahedan further said: “No doubt, it was the unity of the Iranian sects and ethnic communities which brought success for the nation. The maintenance of this revolution depends also on the unity.”
“The enemies have been striving to destabilize the borders of the country, but due to the blessings of the Almighty and people’s unity and solidarity, including Shia and Sunni communities, the borders are safe and secured. The both communities have mutual interests, hopes and fears, in the country,” he added more.
The prominent Islamic scholar urged on ‘foresight’ and ‘open-mindness’ for unity and said: “If we want to enjoy unity, we should have foresight increasing our tolerance. Then we can unite other Muslims and even get the support of the free-thinker sides in the world.”
“There must not any sectarian view; there should not be any discrimination of Persian, Baluch, Kurd, Turkmen and etc. or Shia and Sunni. We should think we belong to a nation and honor of the country depends on our unity. It is a misfortune for nations who divide each other into sects and have no tolerance,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid underlined.

Increase in Sunnis’ population is a glory for Iran
In another part of his sermon before tens of thousands worshippers in Zahedan, Khateeb of Sunnis alluded to some reports about the ‘concerns’ of some Ulama about the population of the Sunni community and said: “It was very astonishing for me to hear some of scholars and personalities had expressed their concerns over the ‘increasing population of Sunnis’ in metropolises like Mashhad. The ones who believe in unity and chant slogans for unity should not issue such statements; because Sunnis belong to Iran and if there is any increase in their population, they should feel proud. We are happy with the increasing population of Shias in Zahedan and Sistan-Baluchistan.”
“The Iranian nation, including Shias and Sunnis, defended their country in the 8 years long Iran-Iraq war. They gave the sacrifices to protect their country. As there was not any issue of Shia and Sunni during the war, in employment and distribution of posts there should not be any discrimination of the both sects, too. We should respect each other’s sanctities,” the rector of Darululoom Zahedan added more.
Advising Ulama, authorities and official departments, he called on all to increase the level of their tolerance.

There must not restriction for well-known figure to travel
Pointing out to some restrictions for Sunni scholars to attend the funeral ceremony of late scholar, Mawlana Shahabuddin Shaheedi, the chairman of CCSS said: “There should not be any restriction for specific people to take part in the funeral ceremonies in other provinces.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid criticized the ban of security officials on his trip to attend the funeral prayers of Mawlana Shaheedi and said: “We all are Iranians and we have our due rights. It is regrettable that well-known people with clear opinions cannot travel to other parts of their country.”
“If we had tolerance and foresight, we would have a much better status in the hearts of people of Iran but the entire world. Then we can influence others and export our revolution,” he underlined.

Trump should change his wrong policy
Alluding to the steps taken by the new US president Donald Trump, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader said: “It is shocking that a country which claims to be advanced closes its doors before others and build walls among nations. While other nations collapse walls, the American officials go back and suffer from narrow-mindness.”
“Mr. Trump wants to build walls among nations; he should change his wrong policy. All leaders of the world should know if they really want to uproot ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’, they should change their strategies,” he emphasized.
The eminent scholar went on to say more: “The world powers should liberate the Palestinian nation and implement the logic of dialogue. By implementation of justice and sobriety the world can see peace.”
“Bombardment, demolition and fighting are not solutions for defeating terrorism and extremism. War creates another war. Military assault is not the treatment. There must be an accurate pathology and planning,” he underlined.
Urging on ‘review’ of the ex-wrong policies, Shaikh Isma’eelzahi said: “The former policies and strategies of the US, Europe and Russia have been failed in counter-terrorism; they should review them and do not create more troubles and crises. Supporting the Zionist regime and fanatic Jews is one of the blunders of the world powers.”
“In the current circumstances, the strategy of dialogue and execution of justice gives fruit. It can make the world and Middle East peaceful defeating terrorism,” he concluded his points.
Demise of three scholars in a week was a big loss
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid expressed his deep sorrow on the demise of three prominent Islamic Sunni scholars in the last week.
He said: “Mawlana Shahabuddin Shaheedi was the senior Hadith and Fiqh teacher at Ahnaf Khaaf seminary in the province of Khorasan. It was a big loss for all Muslims, especially for the Sunni community of Khorasan.”


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