William Hague: heir apparent of British colonialism

William Hague: heir apparent of British colonialism

From the Palestinian, Arab, Muslim view point, the very least that can be said about statements made by British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Palestine before parliament in London this week is that these statements were tasteless, indecent, and repugnant and that they reflected old arrogance characteristic of British colonialism.
Needless to say, it was this odious arrogance and racism that enabled the defunct British Empire to hijack Palestine from its rightful owners and give it on a silver platter to Jewish-Zionist invaders from Eastern Europe and elsewhere who arrogated a country that didn’t belong to them, after expelling the bulk of its natives to the four winds.

When speaking to Palestinians, British officials’ vices should shake a little after all they did to them.

Indeed, Every Palestinian victim of Zionism can attribute at least some of his or her plight to British criminality. Every Palestinian home demolished, every Palestinian farm

pulverized, every Palestinian refugee misery as well as every conceivable Palestinian calamity and tragedy can be imputed partly or completely too British colonialist perfidy.

And now, 65 years after his criminal country committed the unforgivable sin of giving Palestine to Zionism, William Hague is telling Palestinians, without patting an eyelash, that they should meet Israel’s impossible demands if they wanted to be recognized by the UK as a non-member state of the United Nations.

Well, Mr. Hague, you may go to hell. We don’t need your country’s recognition. After all, Britain still needs several millennia to be rehabilitated and atone for her crimes against humanity. The creation of Israel, though the greatest of British crimes against humanity, is still one of too many indelible crimes perpetrated by the hateful empire against Muslims everywhere.

Hague, morbidly confident in the righteousness of his government discourse toward Palestine, said the UK would only vote in favor of an upgrade in the Palestinian diplomatic status at the UN General Assembly in New York later if they gave immediate commitments to return to negotiations with Israel.

“Up until the time of the vote itself, we will remain open to voting in favor of the resolution if we see public assurances by the Palestinians on these points.

“However, in the absence of these assurances, the United Kingdom would abstain on the vote,”

In real terms, what Hague is saying is that the Palestinians would have to return to futile talks with Israel despite the latter’s unrelenting phenomenal settlement expansion in the West Bank, especially East Jerusalem.

In other words, the Palestinians would have to accept the fact that the size and borders of a contemplated Palestinian state would be decided by Israel, not determined in accordance with international law.

Still more scandalous, Hague wanted the Palestinians to give him assurances that they wouldn’t seek to extend the jurisdiction of the international criminal court (ICC) over the occupied territories.

But this goes beyond the pale of simple human decency and is tantamount to absolving mass murderers, such as Netanyahu, Barack, Mofaz, and Sharon, just to mention a few certified Zionist criminals, of their horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity.

If indeed Hague says what he means, and means what he says, then one shouldn’t hesitate to call the spade a spade, namely that the mans is bereft of simple honesty, rectitude and human morality and decency.

It is really lamentable that the foreign secretary of Britain stands before the House of Commons to defend murderous Zionist war criminals responsible for the annihilation of thousands of Palestinian civilians, knowingly and deliberately.

Does Mr. Hague think that Jewish Zionists are above the laws of men? That their unwept victims are children of a lesser God? The truth of the matter is that any reasonable person, irrespective of his or her religious or cultural background, , fails to see a single convincing reason justifying granting Jewish criminals a special treatment by absolving them of their nefarious crimes against a thoroughly tormented and savaged people whose only “crime” is their enduring determination to be free from Zionist terror and criminality.

I don’t know if and when Mr. Hague will ever clear his conscience and revert to his humanity. None the less, experience taught us that most politicians, especially in the West, live as political animals ad die as political animals.

It is this morality-free political environment that makes our world increasingly precarious and dangerous.

Indeed, with people like Hague, Hillary Clinton, Sergei Lavrov, Merkel, Netanyahu and others, our world is doomed. Who says the Nazis represented ultimate evil? Who says one has to be a believer in National Socialism in order to embody evil?
By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Jerusalem

Source: Palestine-info.co.uk


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