Tribal disputes in Balochistan

Tribal disputes in Balochistan
baloch-warBalochistan is a province where dozens of tribes live side by side peacefully. But the appearance of disputes and sometimes tribal clashes are not deniable. Actually this phenomenon is a part of most of the tribal societies.

Recently some reports about two oriented tribes of the northern areas of Balochistan have made the people so heartsick. According to the media reports as well as the other informed sources, assassination of a tribal elder of one tribe caused differences between two famous Baloch tribes. The problem aggravated when some innocent persons lost their lives in different places.
Undoubtedly murder cases are parts of any society. If any body is found killed certainly he/she belongs to a tribe; it does not mean the slain heritages and remnants must blame any other tribe. Even if the killer belongs to an opponent tribe so the entire tribe is not the responsible.
Tolerance is the corner stone for the best handling of such contentions. Every individual should know that endurance is like a bitter tree though its fruit is so sweet; the bitter taste is just temporary. If the tribesmen repose this tendency and blame other tribes so it means they want to make their tribesmen unsafe.
The question is that how many innocent people must die/. When they should gather on the table of reconciliation? Is it not a fact that good mutual relation is better for each tribe rather for all society? However, eventually opponents are compelled to get rid of these useless disputes.
At least our social leaders, especially eminent ulema, tribal elders and teachers should be reminded to go forward in this juncture in order to curb these clashes which affect almost all fields of the society. It is the order of almighty Allah in holy Qur’an, 49:9: “And if two parties of the believers fall to mutual fighting then make reconciliation between the twain. Then if one of them rebelleth against the other, fight that Party which rebelleth till it returneth Unto the affair of Allah; then if it returneth, make reconciliation between the twain with justice and be equitable; verily Allah loveth the equitable.” So by admonishing or any other legal way our social leaders should try to reconcile the opponent groups impartially. These leaders can struggle to root out the bone of the contention, ignorance and prejudice peacefully.
Coordination among social leaders every time is the dire need of an ideal society, particularly in this untoward situation where every one is disappointed and worried about his life and property.


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