The philosophy of Zionism and Israel

The philosophy of Zionism and Israel
zionist Terror… War, slaughtering and displacement… For decades and still going, Al Quds has been showered in blood, tears and sufferings… “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” is the Motto of the Mossad, the Israeli government’s intelligence agency.

So it was by way of deception that the Jews managed to fool the Christians neo-crusaders to do the job and waste their lives for them in order to achieve their dream of establishing a (terrorist) state (in the land of Palestine). Using their superior talents in lies, cheats and deceptions, they managed to subdue the “rest of the impotent world” who cannot do anything with the avowed enemy which is Israel, the “chosen one” of the United Nations, the “first born” of UK and the “Grand Lord-Advisor” of the USA all rolled into one, the “untouchable” who virtually controls the destiny of the ‘Planet Earth’ by its finger tips. Europe and the West are its vassalage, they cannot do anything without Israel’s approval and blessing because they are afraid of the latter’s wrath – that can turn their economies upside down!
The world is filled with superpower hegemony and fear of American retaliation against those who speak or act ill toward Israel. In Austria, an English historian David Irving, was sentenced to 3 years in prison after writing a book denying the holocaust, the genocide of the Jews by the German Nazi in WWII. In Canada, James Keegstra was also sentenced in 1990 for making statement accused as anti-Semite. Similar cases could also be found in Germany.
The long years of occupation have brought neither peace nor stability to the Holy Land. An Israeli Occupation General, Efi Raitan said that the Palestinians are welcome to stay in Gaza as long as they stay as slaves…!!! This is in accord with their holy book, the Talmud which says that ONLY Jews are human…non-Jews are SUB-human cattle and excrement.
However, there were moments in the old days when Palestine became a model for peace, solidarity and justice. Adherents of different religions lived side by side like brothers and worship in the spirit of mutual repect and appreciation for each other. Those peaceful times existed in history during the time of the Muslim rule. At that time, the territory was under the Islamic rule after the taking over of Palestine by Khalifah ‘Umar in the year 637 AD. The new administration demonstrated outstanding tolerances towards the Christians and the Jews. Just as what Islam teaches, the Muslim government allowed the followers of other religions to live in accordance with the teachings of their religions.
Khalifah Uthmaniyyah took over the administration of the territory in the year 1517 AD and displayed the same tolerance and justice as the previous Muslim administration. They established an atmosphere of peace and freedom in the lands which had become a model up to these days. With the blessed racial system which allowed the followers of different religions to live freely as appropriate to their own beliefs, the Christians and the Jews enjoyed an environment full of tolerance, harmony and freedom in the territories of the Khalifah Uthmaniyyah.
Those are just old memories but even so, we should not lose hope at all that with Allah Almighty’s help, He Almighty will grant us victory and make Islam prevail and we will see the succession of the territory by its rightful owner, the return of Jerusalem to Muslim hands once again, even if we see the Arab leaders kept perennially in bondage and subservient to Israel’s whims and caprice as they are all in the Zionist propaganda blackmail. All we have to do is istiqamah (steadfast) in the struggle. We must believe that!!!
“Allah will certainly aid and give victory to those who aid His cause. For Allah is Full of strength. Exalted in Might. Able to enforce His will.” (Qur’an 22:40)
“And it was due from us to give victory and aid those who believe.” (Qur’an 30:47)
The day of ZIONISM will end with the return of Jesus (PBUH) & the unstoppable march of the mighty Muslim army from Khurasan (modern day Afghanistan).

Source: The Unjust Media


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