Misinformation is continued against Iranian Sunnis

Misinformation is continued against Iranian Sunnis
jahannewsFor a long time there are some elements which have been launching different kinds of propaganda against the Sunni community of Iran and their leaders.

Now such blaspheme acts have increased, rather the national and provincial officials that have warned both electronic and print media owners to keep it far away from sectarianism as well as to make sure the factual and sleek reporting; recently a pro-government website named “Jahan News” released a news by an amazing title: “Inauguration of Wahhabi studio in Zahedan by the help of Molawi A.Hameed!” in which Shaikh Abdul Hameed IsmaeelZahi, the leader of Sunni community was accused that he is the supporter of Islamic Satellite TV channel “Noor”, as well as they mentioned the Iranian Sunni community with the name of “Wahhabi” and “Salafi” as the extremist Shiites do.
In fact respected Sheikh Abdul Hameed, the eminent leader of Sunni community in Iran neither has any kind of relationship with “Noor” TV channel nor he is the founder member or policy maker of the mentioned channel, rather Shaikh Abdul Hameed’s method of Islamic services is quite obvious which is based on moderation, more over he advises his followers and others to keep balance in their religious services as well as in their practical life as it is the nature of our religion Islam.
In addition to it the mentioned “Noor” TV channel releases the cultural and religious programs regarding not only to Iranians but its programs are related to all Persians who live in the world, as well as this TV channel mostly prefer to be away from the matters of the Iranian Sunni community.
Besides every one can easily find out the cassettes and CDs of Shaikh Abdul Hameed’s sermons inside and around the country. If “Noor “TV channel releases some speeches or interviews of Shaikh Abdul Hameed so it does not mean that respected Shaikh has relationships with “Noor” TV channel; because there are many other interior and foreigner channels which release his interviews more than the “Noor” TV channel, the question is that if some one is interviewed by a TV channel or radio, so would he counted the supporter of that channel?
Certainly many Iranian rulers were interviewed by American News channels and many other western TV channels, would it be right to count them the supporter of such channels? It is not understandable that there are so many Shia TV channels, so why they hate one limited TV channel of Sunni community? And all the time try to accuse Sunni scholars and degrade it? The visitors of Sunnionline should note that the Sunni community in Iran wants to establish an independent satellite TV channel to release their ideologies and point of view regarding on going situations all over the world, but due to financial crises it is not established yet.
It is worthy to say that any talk we do, it would be asked about; that’s why such elements should keep in their mind what they say about any one, just to accuse some one is easy but to prove it in the court of Allah almighty would be much difficult, as well as all of us should take care of code of conduct.  



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