Brother of Mufti Qasimi passed away

Brother of Mufti Qasimi passed away
rehrat1The elder brother of the Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Qasimi (Chairman of Dar-ul-Iftaa Darululoom University of Zahedan and professor of Hadeeth) Mr. Abdul Qadir has passed away in Karachi, Pakistan. The deceased had been on bed for a long time for seeking treatment in a Karachi hospital.

It should be noted that the deceased was characterized by righteousness, piety that served scholars and accompanied them.
Sheikh Abdul Hameed (Imam of Friday prayers in Zahedan) along with the group of university professors participated the funeral prayer which was offered in his hometown last week.
The “SunniOnline” members participated in condolence company, prayed for the dead and expressed the heartfelt sympathy to Sheikh Qasimi, they instructed the bereaved family to keep patience on this occasion, asking God to bestow him His great mercy and immersed him in his countless pleasures, and place him in paradise beside the prophets, saints, martyrs, the righteous (Shuhada & Saliheen) and inspire all the relatives patience and fortitude.


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