Sunni professors and students in Darululoom Zahidan

Sunni professors and students in Darululoom Zahidan
jalase-daneshjouyanZahidan: The annual gathering of Sunni students has been held in the largest Islamic university of Ahl-e-Sunnat, Darululoom Zahidan, Iran.

Two days-long meeting started on Wednesday, 3rd March at Darululoom Zahidan where a great number of professors, students, scholars, authors and cultural activist participated the gathering.
Some Sunni scholars and professors and senior Sunni students expressed their views about the Islamic World and they discussed Muslim’s problems and challenges. The audiences took more advantage of this especial and glorious event.
Shaikh-ul-Islam Maulana Abdul Hameed was the last speaker of the meeting.
Worthy to mention, these gatherings have been being holding for many years between students of universities and Islamic religious schools in order to get them closed to each others as well as to train them theoretically.
At the end, reminiscence gifts were given to the Sunni inventors, scientists and position holder students.



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