‘Shaikh Abdul Hameed is not to travel’ is only rumor

‘Shaikh Abdul Hameed is not to travel’ is only rumor
shaikh-abdolhameedZahedan: The office of Friday Imam and Sunni Khateeb of Zahedan has denied the ban reports on Shaikh ul Islam Maulana Abdul Hameed’s travel.

Worthy to mention, before few days some news web sites reported that the Iranian security officials have banned on Shaikh ul Islam Abdul Hameed, the administer of the biggest Islamic University Darululoom Saharan to travel abroad, without official announcement.
These reports caused the Sunni people a lot of worries and pines.
There after, the reporter of “Sunnionline” contacted the office of Shaikh Abdul Hameed to investigate the reports, but they denied the news and declared it a rumor.
We hope, the editors before to post any report, they should verify it from related departments. Otherwise, it may affect the trust of their visitors.

Source: Sunnionline.us


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