Shaikh A.Hameed criticises officials

Shaikh A.Hameed criticises officials
molana_1Shaikh Abdul Hameed Imam and Friday Khateeb in Zahedan pointed to some Shiite preachers and lecturers those have been abusing the companions and condemned their scurrility.

While delivering speech in Make mosque to a large number of worshipers he said that it is very far from grain and logic to compare the people of the fourteenth century H.Q to a generation that was trained by the prophet peace be upon him and make disciple of them and they were the first to accept Islam.
Due to what has been on the tongues of many Shiite preachers and lecturers, as well as on Iranian state television after the incidents that followed the recent disputed election where they liken the opposition to one of the conflict in the incident of “Jamal” (that was occurred between Ali bin Abi Talib, Talha and Zubair (God be pleased with them). Shaikh declared their analogy wrong and said: ” Talha and Zubair (God bless them) and other relatives and companions of the prophet peace be upon him are not graduates of “Qum” or “Zahedan” schools, but they were the students of the master of the messengers and companions of the Imam of the prophets. No one has such great merit to be looked like them, it is impossible to liken of the prophet (God bless them).”
He further said: “Even if all the Sunni and Shiite scholars gathered, they would not be equal to the dust of foot of any Sahaba (God bless them), they were great and purgatory people, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) taught and made them cleaned, as for their quarrels concerned which happened  between them so we should clear our mind that such fights were not based on haqq (right) and batel (wrong), because according to the saying of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) all the companions are criteria and ideal of the right. And such differences were based on right yes some argument errors (khata) occurred from them however due to looking for the right way such arguments as well deserve the reward. Because they did not love glory, ranks, cravings and other despicable mammonism objectives.”


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