Iranian authorities detain Sunni scholar in Mashhad

Iranian authorities detain Sunni scholar in Mashhad
arrestMashhad: Iranian authorities have detained Molawi “Ali Reza Rasouli,” the young Sunni scholar here on Wednesday from his home in northeast of Iran, Mashhad, sources said “SunniOnline”.

It is worthy to mention that this young scholar was teacher at Darululoom University in Zahedan; about two years ago he went to his area in Khorassan Razavi province where he launched his religious educational activities in “Mashhad” City.
The security authorities arrested him at 10th March on Wednesday, after storming his house and getting the required information in the intelligence office, but still the detained scholar has not returned to his home.
Iranian authorities arrested some young Sunni scholars from “Taibad”, “Turbate Jam” and “Khaaf” the cities of Khorasan Razavi province previously, they were kept in prison and still no one is sure that where are they and how are they.



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