Iran:two Sunni scholars pass away

Iran:two Sunni scholars pass away
rehrat1Kurdistan: Sheikh Asaad Siddiqi and Sheikh Saeed Zulfiqari, the great Sunni scholars and prominent personalities in Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces had passed away.

Sheikh(Kaak) Asa’ad Siddiqui, who was suffering from cancer and brain tumors for along time, accepted the God call and left the mortal house yesterday. He was (God mercy on him) a teacher in his area “Nudshah” which is located in Kermanshah province, the west of Iran.
He was sentenced the exile of his birthplace because of his useful and influential activities in that region. Since the end of exile he returned to  Kermanshah and decide to live overthere. Sheikh Siddiqui(God mercy on him) is known by his continuing efforts to build a mosque for the Sunnis in intellectuals district of Kermanshah. But with regret that the efforts made by him, did not find in response to tend of the government, although he issued his application, that was signed by 500 families of  that district with non-feasibility,he did not receive a clear response from the related officials for nearly three years.
As 75 years old Sheikh Saeed Zulfiqari died yesterday in Tawheed hospital of Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran. He(Allah mercy on him) was a active member of Maktab-e-Quran institiution in Kurdistan.
The team of “Sunnionline” sends his condolences to the family of each of these two great scholars, their fanciers, students and to the people of Kermanshah and Kurdestan provinces. It asks God to console them in His mercy and mourn cast a shadow immortality, raise post, to inspire everyone fortitude, and glorify them in the remuneration, to God, give and take everything he has designated deadline.


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