Northern Iran: Sheikh Quraishi arrested

Northern Iran: Sheikh Quraishi arrested
qoreshiTalesh: According to reports Sheikh Quraishi, the head master of Talesh school and Imam of the Mohammadi Masjid in Talesh province, is arrested by Iranian intelligence on Sunday 10/01/2010 and then he was taken to the custody in Talesh. Intelligence  agents searched  his home with no warrant and took his belongings from his room such as his Computer, books and mobile sims.

There is no news regarding Sheikh Quraishi since the day of his arrest. No contact was made with him. The reason for his arrest and keeping him in the custody in the Gilan province is unknown.

It is worth mentioning that, Qureshi spent one year in Iranian prisons a few years ago with a number of clerics such as “Alama Alberqai”.

Sheikh Quraishi is one of the prominent preachers. He did not interfere in political practices, and did not know yet the cause of his stay in intelligence custody in Kilan province

source: Sunni News websites


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