• Unveiling French hypocrisy

    Published on : 14 04 2011

    In one of my earlier pieces on the Arab revolutions (Tunisia’s tide of defiance), I cautioned those brave souls risking life and limb for the cause of freedom in the Arab world to “beware the French” by being vigilant against their “behind the scenes machinations and manoeuvrings”.


  • Masterjee’s Problems

    Published on : 02 03 2011

    Allah Bakhsh is my neighbor, known in the street ‘Masterjee’. He is an old man having a motorbike seems older than its rider! Masterjee was a teacher in public school, now he has a private job. He has no any son except four daughters in the age of college and higher education. After getting retired […]


  • Prayers and Qunoot for Libyans and the Oppressed

    Published on : 01 03 2011

    These days, innocent and helpless people of Libya and other countries are facing inhuman and brutal crimes at the hands of corrupt and oppressive leaders and regimes. Dictators and corrupt rulers of these countries are severely attacking people’s lives, honor, and properties.


  • Libya: Past and future?

    Published on : 26 02 2011

    Many believed that Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in Libya would withstand the gale of change sweeping the Arab world because of its reputation for brutality which had fragmented the six million-strong population over the past 42 years.


  • Egyptian minds are opened

    Published on : 14 02 2011

    When Egypt awoke on Saturday morning after an all-night, nationwide party, it was for many citizens the first day in living memory without Hosni Mubarak as president.In 18 days, revolution uprooted a regime that had ruled the country with ruthless tenacity for 30 years.


  • A Crisis in the Heart of Israel

    Published on : 01 12 2010

    Ever since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, its media has been trying to sell the idea that Israel is a secular state that brought together its children from the Diaspora, returning them to the Promised Land, as was promised in their scriptures and religious teachings where they can live their lives […]


  • UN: defining terrorism

    Published on : 25 11 2010

    When Israeli commandos killed nine mostly Turkish activists during a raid on a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Palestinians last May, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the attack as a prime example of “state terrorism”.


  • Trapped in black: Balkan war widows

    Published on : 20 11 2010

    Arbeta Kryeziu has grown up. Almost 13, her face is taking on the shape of her mother’s. Staring at a picture of Arbeta as a child, her mother, Flora Rexhepi, looks tearful.Rexhepi was widowed when she was just 24, after Serbian forces killed her husband, Ramadan Kryeziu, in his home village of Sllovia in April […]


  • Virtues of the Ten Days of Dhul Hi-jjah

    Published on : 10 11 2010

    How do the first ten days of the Month of Dhul Hijjah differ from other days of the year?Praise be to Allaah Who has created Time and has made some times better than others, some months and days and nights better than others, when rewards are multiplied many times, as a mercy towards His slaves. […]


  • Israel: the dead parrot of the Middle East!

    Published on : 27 10 2010

    How many of you remember Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch? It was a wonderful comedic routine that transcended nationality and culture. Timeless in its appeal, it is often cited in doomed or desperate situations when a bit of gallows humour is needed.