• Negotiating secularism, state and citizenship in Turkey

    Published on : 04 11 2013

    On Thursday 31 October four female MPs from Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (JDP) entered the General Assembly chamber at the Turkish parliament wearing the religious headscarf.


  • A symbol of Palestinian prisoners’ suffering

    Published on : 07 04 2013

    With three prison guards on his bedside, 64-year-old Maysara Abu Hamdeya died of cancer shackled to an Israeli hospital bed on Tuesday.


  • Erdogan is correct; Zionism is a crime against humanity

    Published on : 05 03 2013

    Israeli leaders have been infuriated by the fleeting remarks made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening session of the Fifth UN Alliance of Civilizations held in Vienna last week.


  • Burma’s Rohingya Muslims: We Want Peace

    Published on : 02 03 2013

    “We want peace,” were the Rohingya’s sentiments expressed to me again, as I recently revisited the Rakhine State in Myanmar/Burma, where a population of Muslims has been living for centuries.


  • Taliban talks in Doha drag on endlessly

    Published on : 28 02 2013

    Far from the glistening glass and burgeoning metal structures that dot the Doha skyline, the Afghan Taliban try to discreetly blend in far less pristine areas around the Qatari capital.


  • Saying “I Don’t Know” in the Media Age

    Published on : 26 02 2013

    It has always been difficult for people to admit thet do not know something. In fact, the less secure a person is in his or her knowledge, the harder it becomes to utter these three little words. This was a trial faced by Islamic scholars of the past, and those who triumphed the easiest, were […]


  • Rethinking Education

    Published on : 21 02 2013

    Although the Muslim world is facing many crises today, probably none has more far reaching consequences than the crisis of education.


  • Oh Travelers to the Haram!

    Published on : 12 02 2013

    Oh guests of the Most Merciful! Oh fortunate ones! Oh travelers to the Haram! Congratulations on being invited by the Lord of the worlds! Be glad that He has invited you to His House! Not only that, but He has given you the provisions for travel and lodging. And not only that, but He has […]


  • Mr. Al-Maleki! Don’t follow Al-Assad

    Published on : 28 01 2013

    For the first time after peaceful demonstrations of Sunni masses and few Shiite sides in Iraq, the Iraqi army opened fire on a group of protesters on the day of “Friday of No Return” in Fallujah city.


  • Islamophobia at the heart of a New York murder case

    Published on : 14 01 2013

    Many New Yorkers were shocked when they learned, during the holidays, that an Asian immigrant was deliberately pushed to his death in front of a subway train. Their shock turned into disgust when it turned out that the motive for the crime was ethnic hatred.