Islamic Media: Need of the Hour

Islamic Media: Need of the Hour

In the recent age, the age of print and electronic media, under its cover Europe, and the entire Western countries play a key role in considering plots to attack Muslim Ummah and to make the Islamic world powerless is a big goal, first ever in Islamic history.

Let alone killing mercilessly the innocent folks of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, even the whole Muslim Ummah is being so anguished mentally and physically, that the earth, vast as it is, has straitened for them and they don’t find peaceful place to live in because of their worst and mischievous planning in general and by Jews and Christian in particular.
These anti-Islamic elements are pumping the awful misinformation against Islam and Muslim, at the highest level, with the intention to create confusion and bad blood between the people living in the whole world pertaining to Islam. Incessantly, in order to point fingers at Islam, the confusion has been brought out in the mind of the people worldwide. In entire Western countries, a great deal of confusion is being created on the subject of Islam, while it is true and the most follow-able religion on the surface of the earth. There is no confusion and shadow of doubt in it. Its teachings are clear crystal and natural. It is worthwhile for the whole humanity. It doesn’t let its adherents to oppress and lean to anyone in any way. Despite that, the media has projected Islam as a terrorist and conservative religion that asserts its follower to believe in spreading terrorism and violence as it prohibits people to progress in various fields of the life. It’s the fruit of dishonest fight of enemies in relation to Islam.
But there is a question, how such confusion and negative thoughts occupy the mind of people about Islam. And why the Europeans and Westerners remember Muslim as the terrorist and violent people? The simple answer to the question is that the Jews conspired systematically such planning with complete help of media to propagate such misunderstanding and disillusion on the subject of Islam, among the people, a long time ago.
It’s known to all that this age is the age of media. The people are tied with media to get any kind of knowledge generally. Some of them look into the newspapers; some of them watch the television and a lot of people listen to the various channels of the radio as most of the people use the Internet, the latest facility of the media to acquire the world’s report. There would be a few number narrow-minded people perhaps, who may not be related with any means of the media, in this communication age. So the anti-Islamic elements utilising the benefits of the media have started campaign in opposition to Islam.
It should be kept in the mind that Islamic scholars and intellectual, sensible and responsible Muslim community people have given the answer to the every rising question against Islam in the form of good retort to the anti-Islamic elements from time to time at different places. But, unfortunately their services were whether in the shape of writing or speaking, fore instance, the books and speeches. So, these efforts could not draw the attention of all human beings. Nevertheless, it was limited struggle only for those who listened the speeches and read the books. Still these misunderstandings are raining cats and dogs upon the globe and we have kept mum. The confusion was created, but we could not give authenticated evidence against those blames by the modern sources, which are popular among one and all. As a result, in many countries, the doubts and misinformation has spread like jungle fire as regards to Islam.
So, to clean the people’s wrong mentality and hearts we will have to utilise the means utilised by anti-Islamic elements. It is critical situation that Muslims have the lowest degree of the power over the media and modern technology in its own time. They have no thick subscription newspapers and magazines, neither any suitable nor popular Web Sites.
The first and for most, the Muslim Community will have to progress in the very field of media in order to convey the true messages. They will have to capture the media of the whole world. They will have to publish the newspapers from every city and country. They will have to launch remarkable Web sites. They will have to establish their own news agency. And it should never be forgotten that they would have to justify in their uses, so that people are attracted to them and they will pay their attraction towards the Islamic media.
While on the on hand, Jews, who are as the fistful on the surface of the earth, try to progress and develop in the numerous fields of the life. They have occupied the media on the other. Surely, the Jews wise men had thought that the next age would be the age of media, by which they can easily convey their message to masses in no time. So, the Jews community spends the energy for making the most of media hurriedly and publish newspapers, launch so many television channels, establish a good number of news agencies and now occupied many places to launch Websites on Internet. It is its good result that they progressed in this field and today they have undeniable power to generalise their messages, but they convince their every proposal among masses and classes people; even they publish the globe related news regarding their worst wishes, without any destruction.
It’s a crying need of the time for Muslim community to establish its own influence on the media houses in the recent time, so that, Islamic media can remove the misconception published about Islam. And while on the one hand contemporary media publishes the news to blame the whole humanity, the Islamic media would publish the news to make a prosperous society on the other. At that time, the people will come to Islamic media in crowed, because it will be a better substitute for them. I wish Islamic media was launched in countless number on behalf of Muslim community, in general and from Muslim countries in particular to convey good and true message taken out in the light of Islamic teachings and thoughts.
It’s time to think for the Muslim leaders of the Islamic Organisations and Muslim countries in respect of this field. There are many organizations and outfits that collect money in the name of reforming Muslim Ummah, to built good Islamic society and sermonize Islamic significance, but do nothing; even there is not a newspaper or any other powerful means to do the job. So just they should start Islamic News Channels, launch websites on the Internet and publish daily, weekly as well as monthly magazine for this very purpose. It should be remembered that there are also some such means and sources to propagate Islamic messages in the shape of TV Channels, Websites and magazines from Muslim countries and organisations but they are insufficient. May Allah enable us for His noble cause!
By Khursheed Alam Dawood Qasmi






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