• Backwardness & Education in Iranian Balochistan

    Published on : 02 10 2016

    Balochistan is a vast region located within the borders of three neighboring countries; Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. These divided provinces are equal in one point that is poverty and backwardness. But in these lines I’d like to focus on the situation of Iranian Balochistan.


  • “My aunt’s hijab saved my family’s lives”

    Published on : 27 08 2016

    Marwa Atik, a young Syrian American woman living in the United States recalls a life changing incident:


  • The Legacy of Muhammad Iqbal

    Published on : 22 08 2016

    Part 1: On unity and identity In a quiet neighbourhood in Oldham, Greater Manchester, amidst vibrant greenery and rows of quaint houses lies 31 ‘Allama Iqbāl road. Although it may at first seem an anomaly amongst the other more ‘English’ street names around, Iqbāl’s influence, and indeed his mastery over western thought, render his name […]


  • Abdul Sattar Edhi Returns to His Lord

    Published on : 18 07 2016

    The Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam) famously said, “The best of people are the most beneficial to people.” The ummah and the world at large today has lost one of its most beneficial and influential people, as Abdul Sattar Edhi (rahimahullah) passed away at the age of 88. We send condolences not only to […]


  • Da’wah & Unity

    Published on : 05 07 2016

    Da’wah or calling to Allah is one of the main duties of the Muslim nation. Its importance clearly can be sought in the Noble Qur’an and the life of the prophet, peace be upon him. The Almighty has bestowed Da’wah with a great influence in unification of Ummah under the flag of Islamic tenets.


  • Importance of Studying Life of the Prophet PBUH

    Published on : 25 06 2016

    Studying the life of the prophet, peace be upon him, is a legal need for every Muslim. He or she must adopt it in all conditions as a tenet and worship without going to extremes.


  • High Verve & its Impact on the Life of Ulama & Learners

    Published on : 05 06 2016

    In this era, we need zeal and verve more than past as people have been weak and lazy many times more than the ancestors and predecessors. They ruled on the world and submitted before them the states. They defeated infidels within years which are nothing for establishing nations. They had achieved all those victories due […]


  • I Love Baluchs Proudly

    Published on : 11 05 2016

    For the first time I acquainted Baluchs from the sharp-sighted eyes of late Molawi Abdol-Malek. However, none of nations enjoys positive characters or negative ones hundred percent; Baluchs are not excluded from this classification.


  • Sacrilege of Sunnis’ Sanctities in Tehran

    Published on : 26 04 2016

    Unfortunately, once again the sanctities of the Sunni Muslims have been subjected to sacrilege in Iran. This time the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, were offended in the official tribune of the Friday prayers in Tehran.


  • Da’wah & its Need in the Current Era

    Published on : 10 04 2016

    Inviting towards Allah the Almighty is the duty of the prophet, peace be upon him, first of all and secondly the duty of Ummah. This is the only area which has been unoccupied yet on the map of the globe. If Muslims occupy it, they would benefit human beings and themselves forbidding the ‘civilized world’ […]