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Companions Helped Prophet PBUH in Most Difficult Circumstances

Companions Helped Prophet PBUH in Most Difficult Circumstances

In the first part of his Friday speech of Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid pointed out to the struggles and efforts of the Companions of the holy Prophet, peace be upon him, in defending Islam and helping the prophet PBUH in the most difficult circumstances.
He said on Friday 19th August, 2022 among Sunni worshipers of Zahedan: “To love the Sahabah and Ahlul-Bayt of the holy prophet, peace be upon him, who defended Islam and helped the prophet PBUH in the most difficult conditions is considered among the best values and acts of worship in the sight of Allah.”
After reciting the last verse of Surah al-Fath, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader referred to the occasion of the Hudaybiyah peace treaty that led to the conquest of Makkah.
He pointed out to the hardships that the companions endured in this way, saying: “The peace agreement of Hudaybiyyah was one of the hardest tests that the holy Prophet and his Companions faced. After six years of migration to Madinah, the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, decided to go to Masjid al-Haram for Hajj. The prophet PBUH had a dream that he was circumambulating the house of the Kaaba. When the Prophet PBUH narrated this dream to the Companions, they hoped that after waiting for many years, they would go to the House of Kaaba. After this dream, the Prophet PBUH intended to go to Makkah. The majority of the Companions, who were around 1400 at that time, accompanied the holy Prophet, peace be upon him.”
“The holy Prophet, peace be upon him and the Companions put on Ihram near Madinah and went towards the Kaaba after saying Talbiyah. When the polytheists of Makkah were informed, they said that they would prevent Muslims from entering Makkah. Together with their allies, they blocked all the ways to Makkah. When the Prophet reached the area of the Haram, his camel stopped and refused to go towards the Kaaba. But when they turned the camel’s face towards Hudaybiyyah, it moved on,” the president of Darululoom Zahedan said while describing the story of the Hudaybiyyah treaty.
He continued: “The holy prophet said: the Almighty Allah who stopped the elephant when Abraha was about to attack the Kaaba, the same Allah has kept this camel today, because the Almighty wants to prevent bloodshed in the Kaaba. The holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him announced that the issue should be resolved through negotiation and debate; anyone can suggest in this regard.”
“Preventing of the Muslims by the polytheists from entering Makkah was a difficult test. Almighty Allah showed many miracles to the Prophet in this incident. One of the miracles was that when the polytheists had destroyed the water wells and the Muslims faced a shortage of water, the Prophet threw an arrow into the well and water gushed out from the well and the Companions drank from that,” said the Friday Khateeb of Zahedan.
The eminent Iranian Sunni scholar detailed the story of Muslims in the Hudaybiyyah treaty: “In the peace agreement of Hudaybiyyah, Sayyidana Othman, may Allah be pleased with him, was sent to Makkah by the holy prophet PBUH as an ambassador and negotiator. When Othman delayed and news broke that the polytheists of Makkah had arrested him, the holy Prophet took the oath of allegiance from the Companions for Jihad. The Companions pledged allegiance to the Prophet, peace be upon him, with great enthusiasm. This pledge of allegiance was shocking for the people of Makkah.”
“When the Prophet offered peace agreement to the ambassador of the polytheists who came from Makkah, he brought the offer to the people of Makkah. First they denied to accept the proposal, but when their ambassador said: “I have gone to the kings of Rome and Persia, but the faith and devotedness that I saw in the followers of Muhammad, I have never seen that faith anywhere in the world, and therefore we should not go to fight with these people. After saying that, they accepted the peace deal,” he further said.
Shaikh abdol-Hamid added: “In this agreement, the people of Makkah put difficult conditions on the Muslims. The holy Prophet, peace be upon him, accepted all their conditions, so that some Muslims were upset and expressed their displeasure when they saw those conditions, but the Prophet said: Be patient, Almighty Allah will help us. When the Prophet said to the Companions: Get out of Ihram, shave your hair, slaughter the animals you brought with you and return to Madinah, and come to Makkah next year to perform Hajj, this caused a great concern and uneasiness among the Companions, who first refused to do so.”
“The Prophet entered the tent of Umm Salamah. Umm Salamah, may Allah bless her, suggested to the Prophet to go out of the tent and shave his head in front of the Companions and slaughter the animal. The Prophet did so and the Companions were sure that he would not go to the House of Kaaba that year, so they also came out of Ihram. When the Muslims returned to Madinah after the peace of Hudaybiyyah and after inking up the ten-year-long ceasefire agreement, the chapter of Fath/conquest was revealed and the good news was given by Allah Almighty to the Companions that with this peace, you had achieved a great victory,” the president of Darululoom Zahedan added more.
“During the ten-year peace treaty, Islam spread, many Arab tribes converted to Islam, and the Prophet wrote letters to world kings. When the polytheists of Makkah violated the contract, the Muslims fought with them, and Makkah was conquered and the majority of the people of Makkah accepted Islam,” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid further said.
“The Companions accompanied the Prophet in the most difficult situations in the Ahzab, Hunain, Badr, and Ohod battles and defended Islam, helped the holy Prophet and obeyed Allah Almighty and His Messenger. It was the reason that Almighty Allah announced His satisfaction with the Companions in this world. The holy Prophet trained the Companions well. The Prophet was the greatest teacher in the world who trained the Companions in the best way. Allah has revealed many verses about the virtues of the Companions,” Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan said in the virtue of Sahabah.
“Loving the Companions and Ahlul-Bayt is among the best acts of worship and values in the sight of Allah. Of course, love should not be without the practice of Shari’ah, but we should follow the character of the Companions and Ahlul-Bayt and imitate them in all aspects of our lives. Let’s follow the life of the holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, who was as the trainer of the Companions and Ahlul-Bayt,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid concluded his points in the first part of his Friday speech of Zahedan.

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