Iran's Sunni Leader Reacts to new religious barriers on Sunnis:

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid Asks Iranian Officials: Treat All Iranians Equally

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid Asks Iranian Officials: Treat All Iranians Equally

Referring to the escalation of religious barriers against Iranian Sunnis by security forces, especially new obstacles on the prayer houses and religious activities in metropolises, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader called such treatments unfair, and asked the Supreme Leader, the President Raisi, the judiciary and other bodies of the country to remove these limitations and solve Sunnis’ religious problems.
In his latest Friday speech of Aug. 19, 2022, he also reacted to the recent blasphemous remarks of Iran’s chief justice against Mu’awiyah, may Allah be pleased with him, believing that all the Companions of the holy prophet, peace be upon him, including Mu’awiyah were just and fair according to the verses of the holy Qur’an and the hadiths of the holy prophet, peace be upon him.
Regarding the attack on Salman Rushdie, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid decried any blasphemous behavior against divine books and prophets, asking the international community to form an organization that prohibits blaspheming religions.
Urging on the need of preserving the sanctity of the holy Prophet’s Companions and Households, the Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan stated: “Those who do not love the Companions and Households of the holy prophet, peace be upon him, in their hearts, such people did not fully respect them. We advise them to respect the position of the Companions and Ahlul-Bayt and avoid any blasphemous treatment against them.”
“Officials and common people, all must preserve the sanctities of others; this is very vital,” he underlined.
“Mu’awiyah, may Allah be pleased with him, was the writer of the revelation and the Prophet had trusted him; this important responsibility was not entrusted to all, but few chosen men. According to the hadith, the holy prophet PBUH prayed to Allah: O Allah, guide Mu’awiyah and guide others through him”, said the imminent Iranian Sunni scholar in the presence of thousands of worshipers in Zahedan’s Grand Musalla.

Hasan knew Mu’awiyah better than us
“When the Caliph Othman was martyred, disputes arose and the battles of Jamal and Siffin took place. In the meantime, Hassan signed a peace agreement with Mu’awiyah and handed over the entire territory of the Islamic world to him,” the most outstanding Iranian Sunni scholar reacted to the blasphemous remarks of Iran’s chief justice against Mu’awiyah, may Allah be pleased with him.
The president of Darululoom Zahedan continued: “No one can claim that we know Mu’awiyah better than Hasan, may Allah be pleased with both of them. Hassan knew Mu’awiyah better than us. Although we attribute infallibility only to the Prophets, but according to the beliefs of dear Shiites, their Imams are infallible, and infallible is someone who does not make mistakes. Therefore, the performance of Imam Hassan was right and based on knowledge.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid referred to the recommendation of the Supreme Leader regarding the prohibition of insulting the sanctities of Sunnis and asked the authorities to respect all Companions of the holy prophet, peace be upon him.

At least let people offer their prayers at homes
The most influential Iranian Sunni leader alluded to the barriers on prayer houses in Iran’s metropolises, saying: “Sunnis are present, more or less, in Iran’s all big and small cities and towns. Iran belongs to all Iranians; it does not belong only to Shiites, or to Sunnis, or to any specific ethnic community.”
“Unfortunately, we are not allowed to build mosques in all Iranian cities; we complain about such negative behaviors. Mosques are houses of God. They are not houses of Shias or Sunnis,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid expressed his concerns.
“We request the authorities to allow us to build mosques in all cities of Iran,” he repeated an old demand.
The Friday prayer leader of Sunnis went on to address the Iranian officials: “In many cities of Iran, including Tehran, Sunnis have been requesting permissions for building mosques for so many years. Why don’t the officials give them building permits? At least they can let them offer the prayers at their homes with congregation. The Sunni community will not accept that policemen prevent them from offering prayers in prayer houses.”
“We expect our Shia brothers to open the doors for the Sunnis to pray; as all our houses are open for dear Shias all over the world. Recently, the authorities have put pressure on the prayer houses. I am sure that the supreme leader is not satisfied with this, he has a broad vision. We know the supreme leader and the president Raisi; they are 100% against such acts,” said Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan.

These behaviors are not in the interest of the Islamic Republic
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid referred to the obstacles on building mosque for the Sunnis in villages, and said: “Some officials demand permission for building mosques in villages. Which building in villages is built with permission? Avoid such deals with Sunnis.”
He added: “I swear to Allah, these things are not in the interest of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a benevolent, I’d like to advise the authorities to welcome if all people offer prayers.”
“In military bases, some do not allow Sunni soldiers to perform prayers in congregation!” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid complained.
“Prayers should be the most important issue in the Islamic Republic of Iran. When some officials behave with narrow views on Sunnis’ prayer houses, this creates division, such deals must be stopped. The officials should not create an environment that Sunnis feel oppressed and raise their voices due to religious issues,” said the Friday Imam of Zahedan.

Those who inflame religious disagreements are people of sedition
The prominent Sunni scholar of Iranian Balochistan continued his speech by saying: “Whoever stirs up religious issues, whether he is a Shia or a Sunni, he is an intrigant. Islamic Republic means a religious government. Those who do not understand this should understand well. I believe that the prayer is the biggest mission in an Islamic state.”
“Deal with those who create differences, but do not prevent Sunnis from offering prayers. I request the Supreme Leader to take care of Sunnis’ religious affairs directly,” he asked.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid also asked the president Raisi, the Judiciary and other officials and state organs to solve the problems of the Sunnis and remove the obstacles.

Blasphemy is not freedom of speech
Referring to the attack on Salman Rushdie, the author of the book “Satanic Verses,” the most influential Iranian Sunni leader asked the international community to distinguish between freedom of speech and insult.
“We believe in freedom of speech, but insult is separate from freedom of speech. If someone speaks within the framework of reason and logic, the world should ensure his\her freedom, but expression is different from insult and blasphemy,” he said.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid added: “Muslims will not accept any blasphemous behavior against the prophets and the divine books including the holy Qur’an, the Bible, and the Torah. Will Christians accept insulting Jesus and Mary? When you cannot accept this, Muslims cannot tolerate blaspheming Moses, Christ, Mary, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all).”
The Iranian Baloch Sunni leader further said: “When two billion Muslims are offended, obviously one person gets out of control and does something; some considered it an attack on freedom of speech, while such conception is wrong.”
“We call on the United Nations and all international communities to enact a law that prevents blaspheming any nation, not only the Muslim nation, but also Jews, Christians, and even Buddhists, etc. This is the most just stance that guarantees the security of the world,” the most influential Iranian Sunni leader addressed the international communities in his last points of his Friday speech in Zahedan.


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