• Jobless Gaza

    Published on : 16 06 2011

    Five years under a crippling Israeli blockade, the impoverished Gaza Strip is suffering one of the world’s highest unemployment rates, a UN report has revealed.


  • US Muslims Struggle to Prove Patriotism

    Published on : 14 03 2011

    Working for years to improve their image in past 9/11 America, US Muslims are drawing concerns about stigmatization of their religion following a recent congress hearing on the radicalization of their religious minority.


  • Expert examines why India’s Muslims are in crisis

    Published on : 10 03 2011

    In an interview with Deutsche Welle, leading Muslim intellectual Asghar Ali Engineer analyzes the reasons for the lack of progressive Muslim leaders in India.Asghar Ali Engineer is head of the Mumbai-based Institute of Islamic Studies and the Centre for the Study of Secularism and Society (CSSS).


  • Pedalling to the pilgrimage

    Published on : 15 11 2010

    The idea began as a hypothetical situation – what would happen if a few friends attempted to bicycle from their home in South Africa to the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia in time for the annual Hajj pilgrimage?


  • 1,034 killed in Karachi in 2010: Report

    Published on : 31 10 2010

    At least 1,034 people were killed in Pakistan’s commercial capital in the first 10 months of 2010, most of them victims of target killings, a government funded watchdog has said.


  • A beacon of hope in Bosnia

    Published on : 28 09 2010

    Foca, a region of breathtaking gorges and dark forests in south-eastern Bosnia will be forever remembered for some of the most appalling atrocities of the 1992-1995 war. The declaration of independence by a Muslim-dominated administration in Sarajevo on March 3, 1992 prompted a defiant Bosnian Serb population to try and carve out territory of their […]


  • Poll: US, Israel biggest threats in region

    Published on : 10 08 2010

    In a landmark speech in Egypt last summer, President Obama vowed “a new beginning” between the United States and Muslims worldwide. Now, 14 months later, a poll finds opinion in the Arab world has turned strongly against the president.


  • At least 59 journalists killed in 2010

    Published on : 05 07 2010

    At least 59 journalists have been killed because of their job in the first six months of the year 2010, the Switzerland-based Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) says.


  • Palestine: 100 Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron in June

    Published on : 02 07 2010

    A report published by the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), Hebron branch, revealed that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 100 Palestinians in several neighborhoods in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and its surrounding towns and villages, in June.


  • Police plans to spy on Muslims on camera put on hold

    Published on : 28 06 2010

    Local councillors in Birmingham remain adamant that a controversial project to track the movement of Muslims in four wards of the city be scrapped after being told that the installation of more than 200 CCTV cameras would be up on temporary hold to allow public consultations.