• Zahedan’s Sunnis decry Israeli raid on Gaza

    Published on : 17 11 2012

    Iran, Zahedan- Sunni worshippers in Zahedan held an anti-Israel protest denouncing recent unruly attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza Strip on Friday, November 16, 2012. A correspondent of “SunniOnline” reported hundreds of Sunni Muslims took to Khayyam road of Zahedan protesting Israeli assaults on Gaza after Friday prayers in the Grand Makki Masjid. Khateeb […]


  • Syria truce collapse shows limits of diplomacy as Arab League urges deal to end crisis

    Published on : 29 10 2012

    Syria’s air force fired missiles and dropped barrel bombs on rebel strongholds while opposition fighters attacked regime positions on Sunday, flouting a U.N.-backed ceasefire that was supposed to quiet fighting over a long holiday weekend but never took hold, as an Arab League envoy said that world powers have to agree on a “minimum accord” […]


  • A talk with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s legal team

    Published on : 09 10 2012

    London, Asharq Al-Awsat – Asharq Al-Awsat has gained unprecedented access to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man considered by some to be the most dangerous in the world, and a mastermind behind the September 11th attacks, by speaking with his civil attorney David Nevin and his military attorney Jason Wright.


  • US troop deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000

    Published on : 01 10 2012

    A US soldier and a civilian contractor have been killed in Afghanistan by an Afghan soldier, bringing the total number of US soldier deaths in the 11-year-old conflict to 2,000.


  • US drone strikes terrorize Pakistani civilians: Report

    Published on : 26 09 2012

    A new report has found that the constant assassination drone strikes by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have “terrorized” civilian population of Pakistan’s tribal areas around the clock.


  • Egyptian fighters join Free Syrian Army

    Published on : 24 09 2012

    Cairo, “I want to travel to Syria for jihad…is there anybody to help me do this?” “I am prepared to travel to Syria for jihad to stand with the revolutionaries…


  • 6 US envoys killed in 50 years – 4 in Islamic countries

    Published on : 17 09 2012

    London, There are a number of issues that have raised the fears of successive US administration, from the threat of nuclear weapons to suicide attacks against US interests.


  • Attacks by Afghan army on foreign troops rise

    Published on : 02 09 2012

    Recent increases in attacks on blue-clad foreign troops by men in the green uniforms of the Afghan National Security Forces are raising renewed questions about the trajectory of the decade-long war in Afghanistan.


  • Felicitation over victory of Mr. Morsi in Egypt

    Published on : 20 07 2012

    The outstanding leader of the Sunni community in Iran, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi pointed out towards the victory of “Muhammad Morsi” in the early presidential election of Egypt in the second part of his speech saying, ‘I would like tocongratulate the victory of Islamists’ candidate in the presidential election of Egypt. No doubt it was the […]


  • ‘To be a Baloch is to embrace death’

    Published on : 10 12 2011

    What is happening in the largest province of the country remains behind a veil of secrecy. There are some who dare to speak, but only if their privacy is protected. For “to be a Baloch openly is to embrace death,” says one such woman.