• International Day for mother tongues; Balochi deserves a better treatment

    Published on : 05 04 2010

    The world is celebrating the international day for mother tongues on Sunday. It is being celebrated on the call of the UNESCO, an agency of the United Nations, promoting education, culture and social norms the world over. The day is being observed in Pakistan also. Some of the newspapers are publishing special reports on the […]


  • US Scolds Europe For Muslim Discrimination

    Published on :

    WASHINGTON –- The discrimination Muslims face all across Europe is alarmingly on the rise, the US said in a damning report on human rights, warning of a deteriorating rights situation worldwide, mainly due to raging conflicts.


  • Fear Vs Fact in Aafia Siddiqui Case

    Published on : 09 02 2010

    No issue has evoked such impassioned and divergent opinions than the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman who was found guilty on 7 counts of attempted murder of U.S. Nationals by a 12 member jury in a federal court in New York City this week.


  • The Economic Challenge for the Ummah

    Published on : 07 02 2010

    The nineteenth century was a century of political oppression whereby the powerful Western nations enslaved most of the Asian and African nations including a large number of Muslim countries. The present century, which is nearing its end, has witnessed the gradual independence of these countries from Western imperialism. However, despite our apparent success in achieving […]