• The Afghan ‘No Exit’ War

    Published on : 04 07 2010

    In contrast to World War II and Desert Storm — which had clear goals, even though those of the latter were limited — the war in Afghanistan resembles the Spanish-American War and the Vietnam War.


  • Why the US Can’t Win Afghan War?

    Published on : 27 06 2010

    The growing rift between the American regime and military became evident with the upset of General McChrystal but more importantly, it reminded us of something bigger: the American war strategy in Afghanistan has largely failed and American military is fast losing its confidence in the Afghan war. Indeed, for war experts and strategists, it was […]


  • America’s Moment of Truth in Afghanistan

    Published on : 23 06 2010

    It would appear that the United States has a choice between acknowledging defeat, pulling out, and suffering the inevitable political humiliation, or continuing to fight an unwinnable war and bleeding further. Is there a third option? Yes — a negotiated settlement, says Patrick Seale.


  • Toys for Gaza, after three years

    Published on : 20 06 2010

    Israel says the siege on Gaza is about security and making sure the deposed government of Hamas doesn’t get its hands on any more weapons.


  • The Muslim is Friendly and Likeable

    Published on : 06 06 2010

    The Muslim who truly understands the teachings of his religion is gentle, friendly and likeable. He mixes with people and gets along with them. This is something which should be a characteristic of the Muslim who understands that keeping in touch with people and earning their trust is one of the most important duties of […]


  • Israel: The Untamed Terrorist State

    Published on : 02 06 2010

    Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla has very well proved that Israel does not value human lives let alone international laws but the well-wishers of Israel are silent on this issue as Israel undertakes another act of barbarism and continues to show its real face to the world.


  • ‘All Muslims should boycott facebook’

    Published on : 25 05 2010

    Due to blasphemous acts of some web sites particularly facebook, many Muslim scholars and masses have condemned it extremely. As great Muslim scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani, a great Pakistani scholar, demands all Muslims to boycott facebook for ever. See his complete speech in a large mosque of Karachi, Pakistan:


  • Allama Iqbal

    Published on : 06 05 2010

    Allama Iqbal was born in Sialkot, Punjab, British India; the eldest of five siblings in a Kashmiri family.[6][7] Iqbal’s father Shaikh Nur Muhammad was a prosperous tailor, well-known for his devotion to Islam, and the family raised their children with deep religious grounding. His grandfather Sahaj Ram Sapru moved to Sialkot after conversion to Islam.


  • Baseless blames over Sunnis of Iran

    Published on : 24 04 2010

    At long last some activist & extremist stood up to propagate against Iranian Sunnis by relating some baseless, silly and nonsense articles with them; their main target is to make an effort to provoke Iranian Shiite against Iranian Sunnis and to calumniate Sunni community in Iran.


  • The mysterious case of the grey lady of Bagram

    Published on : 06 04 2010

    ISLAMABAD: Dr Shams Hassan Faruqi sits amid his rocks and geological records, shakes his bearded head and stares at me. “I strongly doubt if the children are alive,” he says. “Probably, they have expired.” He says this in a strange way, mournful but resigned, yet somehow he seems oddly unmoved. As a witness, supposedly, to […]