• Darululoom Deoband’s Role in Islamic Awakening in Balochistan

    Published on : 02 12 2020

    Baluchistan’s Ulama made a significant scientific effort, established an Islamic movement that paved the way for all Iranians to acquire knowledge from Balochistan.


  • Liberation of Al-Aqsa or Building a Mosque for Sunnis in Tehran?

    Published on : 22 05 2020

    How can Sunnis believe the [Iranian] authorities would liberate al-Quds while they are deprived of the right of a mosque in Tehran?


  • Shirabad; a Deprived Uptown

    Published on : 19 05 2020

    Shirabad is a poor area in the north of Zahedan, Iran, in the province of Sistan-Balochistan with a population of about seventy to eighty thousand.


  • Iran’s Sunnis Want a Big Change

    Published on : 19 12 2019

    The president of Darululoom Zahedan said that Sunnis are an essential part of the Iranian nation; they should achieve their due rights. Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid called for equality among Iranians in a meeting with Chabahar students on Saturday Dec. 14, 2019 and emphasized that Sunnis should achieve their constitutional rights. “Forty years after the Islamic […]


  • A Long Dispute Resolved in 8 Mins.

    Published on : 12 10 2019

    Armin, belongs to Tehran, narrates the story of his life which was prone to be destroyed. He tells us the story of his family dispute resolution.


  • Darululoom Zahedan Holds 28th Graduation Ceremony

    Published on : 06 04 2019

    Zahedan – Iran: another annual graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan was held on Thursday 4th April, 2019.


  • “Narrow-mindness” Should be Removed from Country

    Published on : 25 03 2019

    The eminent Iranian Sunni scholar traveled to different counties of southern Balochistan, Iran last week where he attended mainly graduation ceremonies of Islamic schools and madrassahs.


  • Educated Sunnis of Sistan Complain Discrimination

    Published on : 12 03 2019

    The most influential Iranian Sunni leader visited Sistan region of “Sistan & Balochistan province” on Saturday and Sunday (March 9-10, 2019) where he took part in three graduation ceremonies and met with people of different classes directly.


  • Sunnis in Birjand with Only One Mosque

    Published on : 15 09 2018

    Birjand is the provincial capital of Khorasan-e Jonoubi (South Khorasan) in the eastern part of Iran. It is one of the famous and historical Iranian cities with more than 200 thousand population.


  • Islamic Schools Should be Independent

    Published on : 25 11 2017

    Recently a popular Iranian daily newspaper interviewed Shaikh Abdol-Hamid in Zahedan, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader. The journalist of the paper asked him questions on different domestic and regional issues. Here is a summary of his interview: