• EU urges Myanmar to stop reidentifying Rohingya

    Published on : 02 11 2014

    The United Nations is set to vote on a new draft resolution urging Myanmar’s government to abandon its plans to force Rohingya Muslims to identify as “Bengali” – a term used to brand the minority as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


  • Rohingya could be detained under Myanmar draft plan

    Published on : 28 09 2014

    Myanmar’s national government has drafted a plan that will give around a million members of the persecuted Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority a bleak choice: accept ethnic reclassification and the prospect of citizenship, or be detained.


  • Australian Muslims alarmed by anti-terror plans

    Published on : 04 09 2014

    Australia’s Muslim community has protested that they have not been given enough time to consider new terror laws aimed at tackling jihadist recruits.


  • French court upholds nuclear ban on Muslim engineer

    Published on : 02 09 2014

    A French court Monday upheld a ban on a Muslim engineer from accessing nuclear sites, citing his links with militant networks but his lawyer said it was a case of Islamophobia.


  • Mohammad Most Popular Name in Oslo

    Published on : 30 08 2014

    A new count of the population of Norway’s capital city Oslo has revealed that Mohammad, the name of Islam’s Prophet, is the most common name for the first time ever in the European capital’s history.


  • Profiling Targets US Muslims Too

    Published on : 25 08 2014

    A leading American Muslim civil rights activist has complained that US Muslims were enduring similar racial profiling to African-American in Ferguson suburb in Missouri state.


  • Muslim Killed Inside Swiss Mosque

    Published on : 24 08 2014

    A Muslim man has been shot dead inside an Albanian mosque in north eastern Switzerland city of St. Gallen while another man has been arrested, Swiss police said.


  • British Women Fight Racism With Hijab

    Published on :

    Challenging the idea of being oppressed to don hijab, a growing number of young British Muslim women are choosing to wear the Islamic veil or hijab, despite figures showing rising violence against visibly identifiable Muslims.


  • India Muslims Attacked for Selling Meat

    Published on : 18 08 2014

    A Hindu mob has attacked Muslim shop owners in Gurgaon village in the north Indian state of Haryana and ransacked their stores after accusing them of selling beef meat, forcing dozens of Muslim families to flee the Hindu-majority village.


  • India rules against banning Islamic courts

    Published on : 08 07 2014

    India’s Supreme Court has rejected a petition seeking to ban Islamic courts on Monday, saying that they had no legal power to enforce their rulings over India’s 150 million Muslims.