• US Muslims on high alert for armed protestors

    Published on : 10 10 2015

    Muslim leaders of mosques in at least 20 cities across the United States, are bracing themselves for anti-Islam demonstrations scheduled for Friday and Saturday by a loose group of potentially armed rightwing protesters according to a report in The Guardian.


  • Chapel Hill Gets First Mosque

    Published on : 08 10 2015

    Catering to the growing number of Muslims, the North Carolina city of Chapel Hill will open its first mosque in the next few weeks, fulfilling a five-year-old dream of the religious minority.


  • Niqab Debate Victimizes Muslim Women

    Published on : 07 10 2015

    Reflecting a growing anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada amid ongoing identity & niqab debates, a second Muslim woman has been attacked in a Toronto mall in front of her daughters.


  • Chicago Mosques Welcome Non-Muslim Visitors

    Published on : 04 10 2015

    A leading Chicago Muslim organization has announced plans for hosting open day next Sunday in several mosques around the city, offering answers to anyone curious to learn about Islam.


  • EU Commission urges to fight anti-Muslim prejudice

    Published on : 03 10 2015

    The European Commission wants EU member states to penalize hate speech, as verbal and physical violence against Muslims are on the rise in Europe.


  • Growing paranoia of terror in US

    Published on : 17 09 2015

    Ahmed Mohamed, a 9th grader from Irving in Texas hoped to impress his teachers when he brought a homemade clock to his school last Monday in a report in DallasNews.


  • Canadian govt loses appeal to ban niqab

    Published on :

    The Canadian government on Tuesday lost its appeal to ban the niqab, meaning the faces of Muslim women can be covered when they’re sworn in as new Canadian citizens.


  • India Muslims Angry Over `Eid Holiday Ban

    Published on : 16 09 2015

    As world Muslims prepare to celebrate `Eid Al-Adha this year, Indian Muslim students and teachers might be forced to stay in school after authorities in north Indian state of Rajasthan asked schools and colleges not to declare the day as public holiday.


  • Belgian teacher hangs 5-Year-Old Muslim child

    Published on : 14 09 2015

    A teacher of a primary school in Antwerp has been accused of hanging a 5-year-old student by his neck in the school’s playground after the child refused to stand in a line, according to a report in OnIslam.


  • Hungarian police filmed throwing food at refugees

    Published on : 12 09 2015

    Hungarian police said on Friday they had launched an investigation after an online video showed a crowd of refugees clamouring for food in a hangar at a reception centre as police in surgical masks throw out packs of sandwiches.