Iftar Party & Meeting of Shaikh Ab. Hamid with Wounded & Martyrs’ Families of Khash Zahedan Bloody Fridays

Iftar Party & Meeting of Shaikh Ab. Hamid with Wounded & Martyrs’ Families of Khash Zahedan Bloody Fridays

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid met the wounded and martyrs’ families of Zahedan and Khash Bloody Fridays and honored them with Iftar party on Monday evening (April 10, 2023) at the Grand Makki Mosque in Zahedan, Iran.

In this meeting and Iftar party, some of the survivors of the martyrs read their statements and expressed their feelings after 7 months passed since the Bloody Friday. They emphasized on “identifying, arresting and punishing the perpetrators and perpetrators” of the bloody events in Zahedan and Khash.
At the end of this meeting, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid presented a statue and a memorial brede to the wounded and the families of the martyrs.
The security forces opened fire on the Sunni worshipers in Zahedan on 30 Sep. 2022 and Nov. 4 in Khash cities, leaving about one hundred people killed, and three hundred wounded, some of them lost their legs or eyes in the attacks.

Mawlana Abdol-Hamid: the martyrs and wounded brought “dignity”, “awakening” and “empathy”
In his speech before the sunset, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “As it was previously told, the martyrs and wounded of Zahedan and Khash incidents were targeted unjustly.”
“There is no justification for killing and injuring people in these two incidents, and so far no one could give a rational reason about their ‘crime’ which made their death unavoidable. These people came to offer prayers. Therefore, the martyrdom of these people is completely pure and sincere. Even those killed in protests in other parts of the country have been killed unjustly, because protest is a legal right. Therefore, all those who were killed in these protests are “martyrs”; because a martyr is a person who is killed unjustly and cruelly,” he added more.
The Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan said that due to the patience of the families of the martyrs, everyone in Iran knows about our province and Sunnis. They respect us and express their sympathy with our people, as most of the Iranian people traveled to Sistan-Balochistan and Kurdistan during the Nowruz vacations.
“Our feeling is that today, Alhamdulillah, a series of facts and truths are being clarified for the people of Iran, and from now on, these people will not be deceived by anyone, and this is the result of the patience of the injured and the families of the martyrs. Patience always brings reward,” he underlined.
The most outstanding Iranian scholar said: “Today, the entire nation of Iran and all the nations of the world express their sympathy and pray for you. This issue caused the awakening of many people, especially the people of Iran. Today, our Iranian compatriots know the people of Baluchistan and the Sunni community very well, and those sectarian prejudices that in the past some fanatics sought to incite these tendencies for their own interests, have disappeared today, and everyone, apart from ethnic and religious thoughts, thinks about Islam and humanity. If the name is Muslim, but the performance is non-Islamic, the name is human and the performance is non-human; it is useless.”
He concluded his points by saying: “I would like to reiterate that your case is being followed up and we pursue it. Be sure that we keep demanding your rights, as the voice will be raising for the rights of all Iranians; this is the Islamic and human duty of all of us.”


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