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The Worst Ruler Lies to his People

The Worst Ruler Lies to his People

Emphasizing on the importance of honesty between a ruler and his nation, the most influential Iranian social leader warned of the dangerous consequences of telling lies and urged on honesty and sincerity. He called on the rulers and governments not to suppress their own people, but to listen to them.
Talking to the people of Zahedan in the presence of tens of thousands of worshippers on March 3, 2023, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid called the series of chemical gas attacks on female students and schoolgirls in different cities of Iran, a sort of suppression of protests. He insisted on hearing the voice of people, including opponents and even enemies.
He criticized the officials who hide truth and facts about recent issues and uprising in Iran, and said: “The worst ruler is the one who lies to his nation. When people elect someone as their president, leader and representative, and he lies to them, it is the worst kind of lie. Honesty and truth save the person, and lies cause destruction. Islam strictly prohibits breaking promises and betraying trust.”

I shocked when some said no one was killed or arrested in recent protests\Many were killed in this Musalla
Referring to the claims of the Iranian Foreign Minister in an interview with CNN that ‘no one was killed or arrested in Iran’s recent peaceful protests’, the Iranian top Sunni leader noted: “Unfortunately, some people are indifferent to tell lie. This is a guilty. One of the officials had traveled to Europe. We were surprised when he said that no one was killed or arrested in the recent protests. Many people have been sent to jails, killed, and injured in these protests. On the day of the Bloody Friday incident, we only said: peaceful protests are the right of the people. People’s voice should be heard. There was an incident in Chabahar, and we said that it should be dealt with, but a tragedy happened on Bloody Friday. Numerous protesters have been killed all over the country.”
“Officials must tell the facts. No power, government, or political system, even if it is in the name of Islam and religion, is allowed to move beyond the truth and reality. No Islamic system, whether it is just or oppressive, stays durable until the Day of Judgment. Do we live forever? Our lives will end, and we will leave this world, but what remains is honesty and serving the people,” said the president of Darululoom Zahedan in his Friday sermons.

Poisoning schoolgirls is sort of suppressing protests
Expressing his regret over the serial chemical attacks which poison schoolgirls, the eminent Sunni scholar of Iranian Balochistan said: “The incident of poisoning female students and schoolgirls in dozens of schools in different cities of Iran has worried all. It has been three months since this serial incident started in Qom and spread to Tehran and many other cities. Hundreds of schoolgirls and even schoolboys have been poisoned and referred to hospital. What has been going behind the incident that the case has not yet been identified? Who believes that officials do not know about this? Small things are quickly identified. Who is responsible for it? The government, which is equipped with all the facilities, should know what has really happened.”
“Many believe, and perhaps this is close to the truth, that this incident is sort of suppression of protests. This is not suitable of our country. The law allows peaceful protests. Protesters must not damage public properties. Science and knowledge are necessary for society. Both male and female should get knowledge. This is the mission and duty of the government to provide security for schools and universities. Security must be provided for all. The security of all including traders, academics and students and common people must be provided. Education is one of the important pivots of the country,” said Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan.

Auction of educational centers is an irreparable loss and against national interests
Regarding the auction of educational centers in the form of productivity plan, the Iranian Sunnis’ leader noted: “I would like to remind that six former ministers of education have warned the heads of the three powers in a letter regarding the sale of educational buildings. In many provinces, we are facing a lack of educational space. Selling school buildings in a country that its population has been growing is an irreparable loss. Educational spaces should not be sold, especially in our province, which suffers from a lack of educational spaces.”
“It was reported in the media that some are selling educational spaces in the province of Balochistan. People will not accept this. Six ministers of education had said that this is unwise and non-objective. I say that this is against our national interests. We hope that the authorities will think about this and prevent such action,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid added.

People should at least be able to eat bread
Regarding the fall of the value of the country’s national currency, the Sunni Friday Imam of Zahedan said: “The value of our national currency has fallen. The fall in the value of money hits the masses, disrupts all plans, and paralyzes the country. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Many countries are under sanctions, but their currency has not collapsed. Some countries are poorer than our country, but the value of their currency is more voluble than ours. Economy is vital and important. In order to improve the economy and raise the value of the national currency, officials must take decisive steps. This is vital.”
“Economy is the need of everyone. Everyone suffers from living problems, from armed forces, marketers, academics etc. Today, ten million Tomans salary is not enough,” he added more.

All the political and religious elders should listen to the opponents
The most influential Iranian Sunni leader said in another part of his Friday sermons of Zahedan: “Constructive criticism is important and effective. It leads the society towards development and prosperity. Constructive criticism is in accordance with the customs of the world, the Islamic, and international laws and the law of our country. Everyone should accept criticism. Compliment is harmful to the people. When someone praised another person in the presence of the holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the prophet said: You broke your brother’s neck.”
The president of Darululoom Zahedan continued: “Praise breaks the back. Wise people do not like to be admired, but simple-hearted people are happy to be complimented. Criticism is leads to prosperity. Officials should not be afraid if they are criticized, rather they must welcome the critics. Reform is not possible without criticism. Where there is no criticism, there is tyranny. Autocracy and dictatorship is the biggest danger to humankind.”
“Officials need to hear criticism from all spectrums, not only their own experts and parties. Listen to academics, scholars, and opponents. Officials and clerics who have a paternal position towards the people should listen to them. In the recent crisis, see what the overwhelming majority of Iranian people want. People of every country have rights and viewpoints. As I have said in the past, we must obey the will of the majority and solve problems through conventional ways,” said the top Sunni leader of Iran.

People are the pivot of maintaining security
The most outstanding Iranian Sunni leader went on to say: “Everyone should think about security. It belongs to all. Last week, an official came from Tehran to our province and talked about security. In our province, people maintain security. People have cooperated with several countries in the security of vast borders of Balochistan. We are not saying that the security forces have no role in this regard. Everyone is doing his duty, but if people do not cooperate, no one can maintain security. Experience of the past shows this. People play a vital role in maintaining the security of the province and cooperate with the officials.”
“A tragedy had happened here and all the authorities admit that the people were killed with no reason on the Bloody Friday. It is suitable that the officials who come here to offer their condolences to the people at least so that their grief will be reduced,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid concluded his points.


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