Mamousta Khezrnejad Detained in Bukan

Mamousta Khezrnejad Detained in Bukan

Mamousta Mohammad Bukani (Khezrnejad), one of the famous Sunni Kurdish scholars, has been detained along with his elder son in Bukan, the province of Western Azerbaijan.
The local sources confirmed that the Mamousta was detained at his father’s home on Saturday, 19 Nov. 2022. He and his son were arrested by a spy agency.
The security forces beat and thrashed him before his 82 years old father in the process of detention. They also messed up his father’s house under the pretext of inspection.
The reason of the detention is unknown yet, but the sources told that he spoke to the participants of a mourning ceremony of a martyr who lost his life in recent anti-government protests in Bukan.
The Council of Maktab-e-Qur’an Kurdistan issued a statement and decried the incident, asking for “immediate and unconditional” release of Mamousta Mohammad Khezrnejad and his son.
Mamousta Mohammad is a graduate of Islamic sciences from Sanandaj hold MA in Arabic literature. His son Yaser got BA in jurisprudence and law.
Mamousta Khezrnejad had faced many restrictions in his religious activities imposed by the official sides.


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