Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri:

Cruelty & Violation of Rights Causes of Downfall of Mankind

Cruelty & Violation of Rights Causes of Downfall of Mankind

Referring to the importance of human rights in Islam, while calling on governments and masses to fulfill the rights of Allah and the rights of people, the vice-Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan warned of the dangerous consequences of violations of these rights.
Talking to tens of thousands of worshippers before the Friday prayers in the former grand Musalla of Zahedan on Sep. 9, 2022, the senior teacher of Tafsir and Hadiths in Darululoom Zahedan inspired all classes of society, including the governments to respect Allah’s commandments and avoid any kind of corruption, violation of rights, cruelty, etc.
After reciting the verse 97 of Surah An-Nahl, Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri said: “We live in this world just for a short period. In this short life, if we go through Allah’s directions, this life will turn into a long and useful life. Such a life will lead to eternal blessings and happiness.”
“Allah’s commands divide into two parts: the rights of Allah and the human rights. Believing in Allah’s essence and attributes, and attributing Allah’s specific attributes only to Him is the first right of Him over His servants. After that, practicing the divine commandments such as prayers, fasting, Hajj, Zakat, etc. are among the rights of Allah Almighty”, said the temporary Friday Khateeb of Zahedan.
He continued his speech insisting on observing the right of all creatures of Allah, saying: “Just as Allah’s rights are important, people’s rights are also important. In addition to human rights, the rights of the rest of livings and Allah’s other creatures are so important. It is mentioned in the hadiths that Allah punishes a person for cruelty to an animal and forgives a person for good behaving to an animal.”
The prominent interpreter of the holy Qur’an in Iran insisted on observing the rights of all Muslims and said: “Muslims have many rights over each other. If a Muslim hates another Muslim, his faith is in danger. Jealousy with a Muslim destroys good deeds. Whoever looks down on a Muslim, Allah will be angry with him; whoever sheds the blood of his Muslim brother unjustly, he will stay in the hell forever. It is stated in the hadith that a Muslim is a brother of another Muslim; he doesn’t oppress his brother and doesn’t leave him alone, but takes care of his problems, and if a Muslim seeks to solve the problem of his Muslim brother, Allah will fulfill his needs and will solve his problems on the Day of Judgment.”
He went on to say: “As Muslims, we should love each other; this is one of the rights of Muslims. If we love each other, oppression will be eliminated and rights will not be violated. Allah says about the companions of the holy Prophet, peace be upon him: They were kind to each other. On the day of Arafah at Mina, the holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, urged on protecting the blood, property and dignity of all Muslims. At that day, the prophet said: ‘Your blood, property and honor are forbidden for you to violate, like the sacredness of this day (the day of Arafah) in this city of yours, in this months of yours.’ Unfortunately, today respects have been broken and this is one of the signs of ignorance.”
Denouncing the oppression and cruel treatments, Shaikh Badri said: “Oppression is the biggest climate in societies for both governments and nations. Cruelty is an unforgivable crime. A true Muslim does not harm anyone. If the ruler oppresses the nation, the stronger oppresses the weaker, the older oppresses the younger, and husband oppresses his wife, etc. the lives of such people will definitely be in danger.”
“Tyranny tears apart the governments and great powers overnight. The cry of the oppressed people eradicates the oppressor. History tells us that Allah Almighty had torn apart governments that had committed extreme cruelty against people. When Pharaoh oppressed the Israelites and did not listen to the advice of the benefactors, Allah destroyed him in front of the eyes of the Israelites with all his power and resources that was unbelievable”, said the senior teacher of Hadith and Tafsir in Darululoom Zahedan.
Shaikh Badri considered climate change and increase of pests and crises as the result of cruelty and said: “Nowadays, people blame the time and disasters after observing the incidents .Time has not changed or corrupted, but people have been changed and corrupted. Cruelty, corruption and sin have affected the nature. Allah says in Surah Shoura verse 30: “Whatever misfortune befalls you is a consequence of your own deeds. But much of it He forgives”. Allah brings calamities, pests and problems so that people take lesson and engage in supplication to Allah.”
“Observing the rights of Allah and His servants is the only way to get Allah’s pleasure and satisfaction. Let’s take serious steps to improve our lives,” he said.

We express our condolences with the people of Afghanistan on Mawlana Ansari’s martyrdom
Referring to the martyrdom of Mawlana Mujib-ur-Rahman Ansari, the Friday Imam of Herat\ Afghanistan, who was popular among the people, the senior teacher of Tafsir and Hadith in Darululoom Zahedan said: “Mawlana Ansari was martyred unjustly in a bitter incident in Afghanistan in the city of Herat. May Allah accept the martyrdom of this great and compassionate scholar who served the community with sincerity. I ask Allah for patience and reward to the family, survivors, lovers, and friends of Shaikh Ansari.”
“We express our sympathy with the Afghan nation on this unpleasant and fierce attack that left dozens of worshippers killed and injured in Herat, may Allah have mercy on all of them. We hope that Allah will provide the means of security in Afghanistan that ends civil wars in this country,” Mawlana Badri expressed his condolences with the people of Afghanistan.
“Unfortunately, we are still witnessing attacks in Afghanistan after the people of this country stood up against tyranny and expelled the aggressors. These types of murders have no legitimacy in Islam. Throughout history, there were differences among Muslims, but this is not permissible for anyone to kill others because of disagreements,” he urged.
Shaikh Badri Added: “Target killing is one of the worst phenomena. Killing Muslims is very dangerous especially if that Muslim is a scholar. When a Muslim says “There is no god but Allah,” this word protects his life and wealth. The punishment of killing is for some certain cases.”

Shaikh Asef Sarani was a pious scholar
Referring to the martyrdom of Mawlavi Asef Sarani, one of the young teachers at Darululoom Zahedan, Mawlana Abdol-Ghani Badri called this incident shocking for everyone.
He mentioned Shaikh Sarani as a good-minded, moral, compassionate, and pious scholar.
While expressing his regret over the martyrdom of this young and active Sunni scholar, he asked Allah for forgiveness for the late Sarani, reward, and patience for his survivors.
Mawlana Badri prayed for the identification and punishment of the perpetrators of this murder.


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