Saeedi Criticizes Iran’s Tourism Industry:

Potentials of Makoran Beaches, Untapped

Potentials of Makoran Beaches, Untapped

Criticizing the governments’ failure in developing the tourism industry programs in Makoran beaches and all over the country, Moinuddin Saeedi, the representative of the people of Chabahar in the national assembly emphasized the need to utilize the potentials of Makoran beaches for the development of the country’s tourism industry.
“SunniOnline” quoted main points of Saeedi’s interview with the Rouydad 24, a Persian national news portal, where he said: “The government’s view of tourism development is just a clichéd view; governments have been making slogans in this field but until today this capacity has not yet been used well.”
He pointed out to the successes of Malaysia and Turkey in tourism industry, saying: “I have experienced something in my life when I was in Malaysia. Most of their GDP comes from the tourism industry. Malaysia has a population of 27 million people, but receives 29 million tourists annually. Attracting tourists has tripled their economy.”
“Unfortunately, in Iran, there is no comprehensive and specific plan to create tourism capacities and encourage investors to invest in the tourism industry,” the Iranian Baloch politician expressed his regret.
He further said: “Chabahar port is the only ocean port in the country that has unique tourism potential. Paying attention to this potential develops the country’s economy, improves people’s livelihood, and reflects the facts to the country and around the globe.”
Moinuddin Saeedi said that the Chabahar Free Zone Organization was responsible for the development of Makoran beaches, which has not had a manager for seven months until now.
Concluding his points, he questioned: “I don’t know why the officials deprive themselves of this irreplaceable capacity?”
“I wonder if it is possible for someone to be so indifferent to this issue!” he expressed his regret.


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