Shaikh Ab. Hamid Reacts to the attack on Salman Rushdie;

Blasphemy is not freedom of speech

Blasphemy is not freedom of speech

Referring to the attack on Salman Rushdie, the author of the book “Satanic Verses,” the most influential Iranian Sunni leader asked the international community to distinguish between freedom of speech and insult.
He said in a part of his speech: “We believe in freedom of speech, but insult is separate from freedom of speech. If someone speaks within the framework of reason and logic, the world should ensure his\her freedom, but expression is different from insult and blasphemy.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid added: “Muslims will not accept any blasphemous behavior against the prophets and the divine books including the holy Qur’an, the Bible, and the Torah. Will Christians accept insulting Jesus and Mary? When you cannot accept this, Muslims cannot tolerate blaspheming Moses, Christ, Mary, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all).”
The Iranian Baloch Sunni leader further said: “When two billion Muslims are offended, obviously one person gets out of control and does something; some considered it an attack on freedom of speech, while such conception is wrong.”
“We call on the United Nations and all international communities to enact a law that prevents blaspheming any nation, not only the Muslim nation, but also Jews, Christians, and even Buddhists, etc. This is the most just stance that guarantees the security of the world,” the most influential Iranian Sunni leader addressed the international communities in his last points of his Friday speech in Zahedan.


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