Resolving Iran’s Nuclear Issue through Negotiations, in Interest of Region and World

Resolving Iran’s Nuclear Issue through Negotiations, in Interest of Region and World

Expressing his regret over the slow pace of Vienna nuclear talks, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader warned of the dangerous consequences of such a loose process and called on both sides to resolve the issue with flexibility and through negotiations and peaceful means.
Talking to tens of thousands of people in Zahedan’s biggest Friday gathering, on June 17, 2022, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “Stalemate in the nuclear talks and the threat of war has raised concerns among people. Everyone is worried about another war in the region; war is dangerous for the entire world.”
“In the invasion of Ukraine, Russian experts made miscalculations. In this war, Russia’s resources have been lost as well as it caused casualties and financial losses for Russia and Ukraine. The consequences of the war affected the whole world. The NATO invasion of Afghanistan and the US invasion of Iraq were similar wars,” said president of Darululoom Zahedan in his Friday sermons.
“If there is a war between Iran and the world powers, such a war will be devastating for the Middle East and the flames of war will rise throughout the region; because both sides have the power that will lead to a long war. The decision for such a war is not wise at all,” the eminent Sunni leader of Iranian Balochistan said.
He urged: “The two sides must resolve this issue through negotiations and with flexibility.”
“It is in the interest of Iran and the world to end Iran’s nuclear case and resolve it through negotiation; because the region does not have the capacity for war. Nowadays the region is involved in a big tension; a tension that should not continue more,” said the Friday Imam of Zahedan.
‘All must work to prevent another devastating war in the region’, he underlined.

The policy of imposing sanctions was wrong from the beginning
Criticizing imposition of sanctions on Iran, the Iranian Sunnis’ leader stressed on removing the sanctions which have affected common masses.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “No more sanctions should be imposed on Iran, but all previous sanctions should be lifted. More than eighty million people live in Iran. Those who impose sanctions on Iran should know that the biggest pressure of sanctions is on the masses.”
“The policy of imposing sanctions has been a wrong policy from the very beginning’, he believed.
Khateeb of Sunnis concluded his points and said: “Sanctions must be lifted and the nuclear issue of Iran should be resolved through negotiation and debate.”


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