Shooting in Iranshahr Killed a Child

Shooting in Iranshahr Killed a Child

The Iranshahr police chief confirmed that a child named ‘Maysam Naroui’ had been shot dead by police on suburbs of Iranshahr, Sistan-Baluchistan.
According to the reports, the police opened fire at a checkpoint in Iranshahr on Monday afternoon, May 10, 2021, while controlling passing vehicles.
The Iranshahr police chief alluded to the incident which caused public anger in the region and said: “The investigation showed that a child and a woman in the back seat of the car were shot”. Hasan Kaykha was talking with the official news agency, IRNA.
Ubaid Malek Raisi, a media activist of Iranshahr, tweeted that the 5-year-old child who was killed was on his way from his village to the city with his mother for Eid al-Fitr shopping, but the celebration turned into mourning.
Meanwhile, the anti-narcotics police also exchanged fire with two drug-smuggler teams in the province where a police officer was killed, five suspected smugglers were arrested.


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