Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri addresses parliament speaker:

Fair Distribution of Budgets Reduces Shortcomings

Fair Distribution of Budgets Reduces Shortcomings

Referring to the visit of Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, Speaker of the national parliament of Iran, to Sistan & Baluchestan, Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri expressed hope that the visit of the speaker would help to reduce deprivations in Sistan-Baluchistan.
He said in a part of his Friday sermon on Oct. 16, 2020 in Zahedan: “We express hope that the visit of the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to Sistan-Baluchistan will be beneficial for the people of this province. The province of Sistan-Baluchistan has been facing problems for so many years, such as poverty, unemployment, education and so on that the officials are aware of them.”
“The fact is that many problems can’t be understood until they are observed. The recent flood incident in southern Balochistan caused some officials to visit these areas of this province. Observing the problems closely, many provincial and national officials acknowledged that there are incredible problems in Sistan-Baluchistan,” Mawlana Badri pointed out.
The vice-Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan noted: “Unfortunately, some areas of Sistan-Baluchistan are deprived from basic necessities of a common life. Officials have always promised to solve problems, but unfortunately many problems have not been solved yet”.
“The parliament plays an important role in allocating budgets; I hope that the budgets will be distributed fairly among all Iranians. A significant budget must be allocated to Sistan-Baluchistan to solve the problems,” Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri further emphasized.
He added: “We expect that officials will pay especial attentions to the people of Sistan-Baluchistan as other Iranians, because they belong to this land and want to serve their country. Sistan-Baluchistan has high capacities and good opportunities for jobs and boosting economy and standards of life.”
“To eliminate deprivations, agricultural lands, borders and the sea are among best opportunities.”
At the end, Shaikh Badri emphasized: “To remove problems, authorities should pay special attention to Sistan-Baluchistan as other provinces.”


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