Palestinians bid farewell to mother killed in IOF raid

Palestinians bid farewell to mother killed in IOF raid

Hundreds marched on Friday evening in the funeral of Dalia Samoudi, 23, who was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) during a dawn raid on Jenin.

The funeral procession set off from Martyr Khalil Sulaiman Hospital towards Samoudi’s family home in Jenin refugee camp before she was buried in the camp’s cemetery.

The marchers roamed the streets of Jenin refugee camp while chanting slogans condemning the Israeli crime and calling for revenge.

Samoudi was shot in the chest when the IOF raided al-Jabriyat neighborhood in Jenin amid heavy firing of live ammunition and tear gas canisters.

Her family said that Samoudi woke up at dawn to heat up milk for her newborn baby and rushed to close the windows to protect him from the tear gas, but an IOF soldier shot her, and she later succumbed to her wounds.


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