Senior Hadith Teacher of Darululoom Zahedan Passed away

Senior Hadith Teacher of Darululoom Zahedan Passed away

Mawlana Mohammad Isma’eelzahi, a prominent teacher of Hadith at Darululoom Zahedan passed away of a heart attack at the age of 68 on July 4, 2020.

This Baloch Sunni scholar had been suffering from heart disease for some years and had an open heart surgery once.

Shaikh Mohammad Isma’eelzahi was born in the village of Galugah in suburb of Zahedan.

He learnt his higher Islamic education in Pakistan and graduated from Badr-ul-Uloom Hammadiyah of Rahimyar Khan, Panjab. He was rector of Isha’at-ut-Tawhid Islamic seminary of Zahedan for several years.

A Baloch judge passed way in Zahedan
In another event, Bashir Ahmad Mowahhed, a young Baloch Sunni Judge passed away in Zahedan on Friday evening in July 3, 2020.

He was head of a judicial compound at the Dispute Resolution Council in Zahedan and law teacher at universities.

The judge was known for his sincerity, humility and honesty among the people.

In addition to working in judiciary, he was also Imam of a mosque and engaged in teaching the Holy Qur’an.


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