Sunnis in Zahedan won’t Establish Friday Prayers

Sunnis in Zahedan won’t Establish Friday Prayers

Due to the spread of Coronavirus in different parts of Iran, Sunni scholars of Zahedan decided in an emergency meeting that Friday prayers will not be established in the city temporarily.
“SunniOnline” reported that the Sunni Ulama of Zahedan had issued a statement on Tuesday 10th March, 2020 saying that “due to the spread of Coronavirus and its serious dangers, contentious strong alerts of doctors and religious texts about such cases, Ulama have concluded that the obligatory of the Friday prayers has been terminated and run out.”
The statement urged that the decision is temporary at least for two weeks and after subsiding of the epidemic virus the Friday gatherings will be restarted more strongly.
It is noteworthy that the biggest Sunnis in Zahedan hold the biggest gathering for the Friday prayers in the province. There are more than 15 grand mosques in the city of Zahedan.
According to reports, near to 300 Iranians have lost their lives due to Covid19 and about 30 cases of this disease have been approved by the health officials in Sistan-Baluchistan.


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