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Caliph Abu Bakr was an Exemplary Ruler

Caliph Abu Bakr was an Exemplary Ruler

Mufti Muhammad Qasem Qasemi referred to the decisive period of Sayyidana Abu Bakr’s caliphate at Zahedan’s Friday ceremony of February 21, 2020 and termed him an exemplary ruler.

The grand Mufti of Darululoom Zahedan considered Jumadi al-Thani 22, the death day of Abu Bakr, and considered his caliphate as a great divine gift for Muslims.

He believed that Abu Bakr, may Allah please with him, was a sincere and perfect personality who was able to confront crises of his time and he was the man who united the companion on the day of the Holy Prophet’s departure from this mortal world.

Abu Bakr was succeeded by the companions of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and he could carry out a great deal of services to Islam in a short period of time.

“During his short time of caliphate, he made a significant service to Islam”, he added.

Hassan and Ali acknowledged Abu Bakr’s high position

The Grand Mufti of Sunnis in Iran pointed to Sayyidana Ali’s reaction on Abu Bakr’s death, saying that when Ali was informed of Abu Bakr’s death he cried and rushed to his body.

Mufti Qasemi said: “Ali and Hassan, may Allah be pleased with them, praised Abu Bakr after his death. Ali said: O Abu Bakr, you were the most righteous person and the most trustworthy personality to the Holy Prophet PBUH”.

Caliphate of Abu Bakr was an example of democracy and justice
Mufti Muhammad Qasem considered Abu Bakr’s first speech after the Holy Prophet’s death an example of democracy, justice and freedom of expression.

The senior teacher of Fiqh and Hadith in Darululoom Zahedan said that the period of Abu Bakr’s caliphate was the best example of justice and democracy in the world.

Diseases are the result of human’s deeds
In another part of his speech at Zahedan’s Friday gathering, Mufti Qasemi pointed to the outbreak of Coronavirus in Iran and emphasized on the necessity of following the Islamic guidelines to confront such infections.

He believed that disasters come as a result of human’s actions and deeds.

The chairman of Darul-Iftaa of Darululoom Zahedan said: “Health diseases are either the test or punishment and called on Muslims to correct their deeds and actions”.

Mufti Muhammad Qasem recommended Muslims for repentance, giving charity, making ablution and offering regular prayers in order to be protected from infections and Coronavirus.


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