Sunni Ulama Protest Detention of Sunni Teachers

Sunni Ulama Protest Detention of Sunni Teachers

Following summons and detention of some teachers of a famous Islamic seminary in Kuhwan of Sarbaz, Iranian Balochistan, some prominent Friday imams and Ulama showed their protests.
SunniOnline reported, Mawlana Mohammad Hussein Gorgij said in a part of his Friday sermon of Sep. 6, 2019: “None of Sunni religious schools is against peace and state. They do not want to create insecurity.”
Principal of Farouqia seminary in Galikash of Golestan province said that insecurity was not in favor of any individual, group and school of thought.
Mawlana Mohammad Usman also reacted to detention of a teacher of Manba-ul-Uloom Kuhwan and said: “Inappropriate behavior and disrespect of Hafez Ataullah was a wrong act. The Islamic country has law and courts, seminaries are religious and respectable offices. If someone commits any mistake, the principal should be informed and the man should be summoned legally by subpoena.”
Khateeb of al-Khaleel grand mosque called on political and security officials to release detained scholars protecting people from anxiety.
Mawlana Fazl-ur-Rahman Kuhi, Friday imam of Pashamag in Sarbaz also protested and alluded to detention of some teachers of Kuhwan seminary saying: “Such acts made Sunni community pessimist and disappointed about the state.”
He demanded revocation of the capital punishment for Molawi Amanullah Balochi and an end to such “pressures and threats”.
It is notable that recently the security bureaus have detained two teachers of Manba-ul-Uloom Kuhwan seminary and some others have been summoned and interrogated. President of this seminary has issued a statement and protested to the incident.
Manba-ul-Uloom Kuhwan is one of the famous Islamic seminaries of the Sunni community located in the center of Iranian Balochistan, Sarbaz County. It was founded by late Mawlana Mohammad Omar Sarbazi.


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