Shaikh Ab. Hamid in his Friday sermon:

Take Maximum Advantage of First 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah

Take Maximum Advantage of First 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah

Khateeb of Sunnis in the city of Zahedan termed worshipping in the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah “better than Jihad on the path of Allah” and advised the audience to take maximum advantages of these holy days by more worships.
Talking to tens of thousands of worshipers on Friday (August 2, 2019) in the central gathering of people for the Friday prayers in Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “The first verses of the Al-Fajr chapter in the Noble Qur’an show the importance of the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah as Allah swears an oath by 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. Swearing an oath by something is indicative of its importance and great benefit.”
“The Almighty Allah has made Dhul-Hijjah an opportunity for the pilgrims/Hujjaj and all other people to perform as many good deeds as possible in the best 10 days of the year. Fasting in the first nine days of Dhul-Hijjah has been recommended in Hadiths. Observing fast in each day of these nine days is equal to fasting one year,” he added more.
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid alluded to a Hadith in which the prophet, peace be upon him, where he said: “There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days.” The people, the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, asked: “O Messenger of Allah, not even Jihad in the path of Allah?” He PBUH said: “Not even Jihad in the path of Allah, except in the case of a man who went out to fight giving himself and his wealth up for the cause, and came back with nothing lost both his property and life.” [Al-Bukhari]

Renewal of blessings necessitates renewal of giving thanks
He went to say more about the significance of giving thanks to Allah by reciting the Qur’anic verse: “فَاذْکُرُوني‏ أَذْکُرْکُمْ وَ اشْکُرُوا لي‏ وَ لا تَکْفُرُونِ” and said: “Allah Almighty has enjoined us to remember Him a lot and thank Him for His blessings. Allah is the owner of all blessings and the servants should thank Him on these blessings.”
“The Noble Qur’an addresses Muslims and sometime all people to see Allah’s blessings and thank Him over the blessings. Allah likes such people who recognize His blessings and thank Him,” Shaikh further said.
He pointed out to different parts of body and their functions to remind the great blessings of Allah and said: “When we see any disorder occurs in any body part, the entire body suffers and loses calmness. There countless blessings inside and outside of the human body. It is important to remember these blessings and thank the Almighty.”
“As every day, night and moment the blessings renewed, thanks also should be renewed. When we enter home, we should say “Al-Hamdulillah” and it is a very beloved word for Allah,” the eminent Islamic scholar said.

“Well-being” is the biggest divine blessing
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid alluded to the biggest divine blessing and said: “Well-being is the biggest blessing from Allah; a narration by Sayyidah Ayishah suggests that she asked the prophet PBUH what to say at the night of al-Qadr/destiny? He, peace be upon him, relied: “O Allah! I ask you forgiveness and well-being.” Ask Him well-being in the both worlds to be protected from illness, calamity, poverty, bankruptcy and disgrace.”
“Morality has an especial position in Islam. All ritual commands construct mankind morally. Islam gives importance to morality more than any other civilization and religion,” he added more.
Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah further said: “Those who have bad behavior, in anger they do what their anger tells them, they do not pardon others and put other’s honor under their feet and do not repent to Allah, such people suffer from bad moral.”

Respect young generation
In another part of his speech, Mawlana Abdol-Hamid thanked the young of Zahedan for their warm presence in the recent gathering held in grand Makki Masjid and said: “Respect young generation, show love to your children and young and guide them to the correct path. The young have energy and vigor; they need guidance, compassion and love. They should be engaged in work and find good jobs.”
“If the young worship Allah and act upon His orders, they will be honor for us and we will be proud of them. Ulama, educated intellectuals, tribal chiefs and relatives should think for the young and make plans for them in order to equip them with education and find for them good jobs after teaching them any art and skill,” he added more.
The most influential Iranian Sunni scholar warned the young to avoid from holding any kind of weapon with themselves including dagger as in anger they lose temper quickly and harm others.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid pointed out to some street conflicts where mobs attacked on each other and two persons were murdered in Zahedan and said: “We are sorry for these murders and incidents, but a good event took place that immediately after the incidents the involved culprits were handed over to police and judicial authorities. It increases peace and also those who were behind any murder will be tried not their relatives.”


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