Shia Ulama in Sunni Madrasah

Shia Ulama in Sunni Madrasah

Unlike some neighboring countries, in Iran, Shia and Sunni communities have a different experience of co-existence. Here religious figures of the both communities, especially scholars belong to educational centers, meet each other occasionally.
Recently a delegation of Shia Ulama with high profile visited Darululoom Zahedan and grand Makki Masjid, the most important symbols of the Sunnis in Iran. They were welcomed warmly by the administration of Darululoom Zahedan as the guests deserve.
On the other hand, Sunni scholars and Ulama from different classes and degrees have visited Shia religious centers of Qom and other cities repeatedly. But they have not seen such a warm welcome. The recent guests were from the second or third degree of Shia Ulama of the country. But they received a protocol of a first-class guest. Just because of local, social and religious tendencies to give hospitability to any kind of guest.
Also, it is expected from other Muslims in any country they live to never cut ties with the followers of other schools of thought and sects. The prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to receive masses and clerics of any religion and tribe. Talking and discussing with others remove many misunderstandings.


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