Darululoom Zahedan Holds First Hadith Conference

Darululoom Zahedan Holds First Hadith Conference

The biggest Islamic endowment center of Iranian Sunnis, Darululoom Zahedan, has organized a conference on Hadith authenticity with 40 essays and articles.
“SunniOnline” reported that the conference was held by department of research and higher education of Darululoom and Specialization in Hadith Sciences’ sector on March 3, 2019 where guests from at least three provinces of Iran took part in the conference.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid (president of Darululoom Zahedan), Dr. Ubaidullah Badpa (head of research and higher education department of Darululoom Zahedan), Mufti Mohammad Qasem Qasemi (head of Darul-Iftaa and senior Hadith teacher), Maulana Abdol-Karim Husseinpour (rector of Gosht seminary) and Molawi Ab. Rahman M. Jamal (principal of specialization in Arabic literature at Darululoom Zahedan) talked to the attendees.
As well as, the top winners of the conference presented abstracts of their essays. They were from Khaaf (Khorasan Razavi province), Galikash (Golestan province) and Zahedan (Sistan-Balochistan).

Hadith, a Miracle & Proof for Prophet-hood
Talking to the attendees of the first Conference of Hadith Authenticity, president of the seminary termed Hadith as a miracle and one of the proofs of the prophet-hood.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “Authenticity of Hadith is an important, basic and updated topic. Some sides deny authenticity of Hadith by propaganda among the new generation.”
“When the Almighty orders obey Me, He means act upon the Quran and when He orders us to obey the prophet (Mohammad) PBUH, He means obey the Hadiths of him,” he added more.
President of Darululoom Zahedan said: “Allah has clarified in the 44th verse of the chapter Nahl: “Along with clear proofs and writings; and We have sent down this Remembrance towards you (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him) so that you may explain to mankind what has been revealed towards them, and that they may ponder.” Allah made Salah and Zakah obligation, but terms and conditions such as number of units of the five-time prayers has been explained by the prophet PBUH.”
Maulana Abdol-Hamid called on Islamic seminaries’ teachers and researchers to focus on new fictions and wrong viewpoints instead of discussing about Khawarij and Mu’tazila who had been vanished in the past. “Ulama should identify new thoughts and respond to suspicions presented to misguide Muslims.”
For his part, Dr. Badpa called on students to get specialization in the field they like and become strong.
Mufti Qasemi termed Hadith the “second source” of legislation in Islam. He said: “Our enemies created the idea of denying authenticity of Hadith to explain Hadith according to their wishes and views.”
The conference was concluded by giving prizes and shields to the winners.


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