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Warsaw Conference Attendees Should Know Occupation of Palestine Made ME Insecure

Warsaw Conference Attendees Should Know Occupation of Palestine Made ME Insecure

Alluding to the US-led Warsaw conference held in Poland, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader termed occupation of Palestine by Israel the root cause of all insecurities and extremisms in the world.
In a part of his Friday speech of Feb. 15, 2019, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “The US-led Warsaw conference under the title of “peace and security in the Middle East” many speeches were against Iran. The US rulers and officials should know the only way to make the Middle East peaceful is getting Israel back to its borders and freedom of Palestine and respecting Palestinian nation.”
“The US leaders and other Western powers talk about human rights and dignity, are Palestinians not humans with rights and dignity? Are Palestinians needless to justice and negotiation? Isn’t the time for Israel to go back to its borders and end the occupation of Jerusalem?” he asked the international community.
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid made it clear: “The world powers should know well that the origin of all security problems and extremisms is the issue of Palestine and its occupation by Israel. Many Muslims have been indulged in extremism due to occupation of Palestine.”
“Terrorism has been a dangerous and fatal colossus which threatens peace in the world. If the world powers really want to uproot terrorism and bring peace, they should know air raids and bombardments are not solutions to this phenomenon. The oppressed nations, including Palestinians should get their due rights. A peace agreement which ensures rights of nations can remain durable,” he underlined.
Prominent Iranian Sunni scholar addressed the US and other Western powers, saying: “If you want to bring peace in the Middle East, start from Palestine, then the number of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other crisis-hit countries comes.”
“The final statement of the Warsaw conference does not contain any considerable positive point which could make people happy. If the world powers leave arrogance and pride going on the path of peace, all nations will support them,” he added more.
Khateeb of Sunnis termed the US sanctions on Iran “unjust”, urging that the Iranian nation suffers from these sanctions.

How Yemen can be peaceful?
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid counted “end of tyranny” the only way for establishment of peace in the Middle East and said: “The only way to make the Middle East peaceful is that tyrant states should end their tyranny. Unless there are dictators ruling in their countries or they depend on others and get dictations from them, we cannot see a peaceful Middle East; however if peace comes, it will be temporary.”
“All states and governments should know ‘war’ is the not the solution to the crises of the Middle East. Comprehensive governments should be established with participation of all ethnic and religious communities. Interests of all communities should be ensured.”
President of Darululoom Zahedan said: “Saudi Arabia and Iran should know conflicts in Yemen cannot be uprooted by war. People of Yemen have been suffering from famine and other problems, the ongoing war should be ended and a ceasefire must be implemented. There should be a comprehensive government with due share of all Yemenis including the majority, Houthis, Christians and other minorities.”
“The same strategy can bring peace and fraternity back to Syria and Iraq; all communities should get their due rights in those countries, then we can see a peaceful Middle East,” he added more.

Insecurity is against the people of Sistan-Balochistan
In another part of his speech, Khateeb of Sunnis alluded to the recent terrorist attack on the IRGC personnel and said: “The shabbily attack on the bus of the IRGC border guards made the sweetness of people’s huge presence in the rallies of Feb. 11 bitter for all of us. This incident was bitter and unpleasant for all of us and we condemn this attack.”
“We are against the act of killing people, especially we oppose killing Muslims. We believe killing people gives birth to enmity. Armed conflicts and bloodshed intensifies problems of people in the poor province of Sistan-Balochistan who have been suffering from unemployment and poverty,” he added more.
He said: “According to the police officers, Sistan-Balochistan has been one of the safest provinces of Iran in recent years, but the attack on guards was a big loss for this province. Investment and the industry of tourism can be developed when the province is safe and secure.”
“I’d to advise all will-wishers of Iran and Sistan-Balochistan to work hard for making the province peaceful. People should freely talk and discuss about their problems; there should be constructive criticism not insecurity,” president of Darululoom Zahedan pointed out.
He concluded his points by saying: “Strong presence of masses including Shia and Sunni communities was shocking for the world; it shows the strong conception of this nation. Despite, complaints and problems they came out. People want solution of the problems by changes in policies and structures. It is the demand of the majority that reforms and changes in the past process should be implemented.”


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