Resolutions of 24th Session of Iranian Sunnis’ Fiqh Academy

Resolutions of 24th Session of Iranian Sunnis’ Fiqh Academy

Dozens of Sunni jurists and Muftis gathered at Darululoom Zahedan holding the 24th session of Iranian Sunnis’ Fiqh Academy of Iranian Sunnis. They issued resolutions on some aspects of divorce and Zakat al-Fitr after 2-day long discussions January 22-23, 2019.
Talking to the Muftis of different provinces, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, chairman of the Fiqh Academy called such sessions “necessary and vital”.
He said: “Current situation requires Ulama’s attention to resolve people’s problems by new verdicts in the light of jurists’ viewpoints.”
“Ulama should be examples for people in all aspects of life. They consider scholars and clergymen their ideals in social, religious and political issues. We should resist against misdeeds and superstitions with wisdom and discretion,” the most influential Iranian Sunni leader urged.
Iranian Sunni scholars after discussions and presentation of articles approved: “If someone tells his wife ‘one, two, three talaq/divorce!’ or he verbalizes the word of talaq thrice as well as when he uses the word ‘talaq salasel’, it depends on the intention of the man. By intention of three divorces, three ones will be executed and by mere intention of divorce without numbering, one reversible divorce will be implemented.”
Zakat al-Fitr also will be counted by making one of dates, grain, wheat and plum base for it.
Islamic Fiqh Academy of Sunnis in Iran is based at Darululoom Zahedan, southeastern Iran.


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