Southern Sunnis Write Letter to Rouhani;

Local Officials Go against Government’s Policies

Local Officials Go against Government’s Policies

Bandar-Abbas – (SunniOnline): a number of Sunni elites, clergymen and intellectuals have written an open letter to president Rouhani asking him to take notice of his officials in Hormozgan province.
According to the letter, received by SunniOnline, the elites criticized strongly behavior of provincial officials in Hormozgan. They said the officials had been ignoring the national policies marginalizing Sunnis from different offices.
“Why your officers are afraid to engage Sunnis in the education bureau in counties? What has been the result of your repeated emphases on engaging ethnic and religious communities?” Sunni elites asked Rouhani.
Hormozgan is a coastal province in the south of Iran where Sunnis constitute majority of the population in Khamir, Bastak, Jaask and Sirik counties. Non-official statistics suggest that more than 40% of the whole population belongs to Sunnis.
According to the letter, different offices avoid to engage Sunnis on local directorates. However, there are regions where from 70 to 95 percent of voters cast their votes in favor of Rouhani.
They have said public trust the biggest asset for the country, but it has been damaged due to neglecting people’s due rights.


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