Shaikh Ab. Hamid in his Friday sermon:

Calmness of Mankind is with Faith, Piety & Repentance

Calmness of Mankind is with Faith, Piety & Repentance

Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan said that calmness cannot be achieved by facilities and equipment, rather faith, repentance and seeking Allah’s forgiveness, patience and offering prayers, piety and imitation of the straight path can bring calmness and peace.
Talking to thousands of worshipers on 4th Jan. 2019 in Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “Human society, despite dramatic developments in different scientific, industrial, technology and information fields, could not resolve its problems. In the past, there were much lesser facilities, but people were happier.”
“Today despite many facilities, people suffer from lack of calmness. They are more worried. It proves that relief and calmness cannot achieved only by visible sources and tools,” he added more.
President of Darululoom Zahedan said: “Huma beings want to get relief and calmness by facilities and furnishings, while the remembrance of Allah, faith and good deeds lead them to calmness. Various kinds of dangerous diseases such as cancer, apoplexy, heart-failure and psychological abnormalities have been spreading; hospitals cannot cope with the great number of patients.”
“Exorbitant expenses on security and peace have failed to maintain peace; because we have gone a wrong way to get peace against the nature and divine laws,” he added more.
The most senior Hadith teacher of Darululoom Zahedan stressed: “By patience, tolerance, sacrifice and good manner we can cope with all diseases and worries. As Allah Almighty says: To whoever does good deeds, man or woman, and is a believer, We shall assuredly give a good life [Qur’an: 16:97]. If there is no any modern facility of life and people live in tents but on the path of nature and straight way, they will be calm and peaceful.”
He called on human beings to get rid of Satan and ego by imitation of the Qur’an and Sunnah, seeking forgiveness from Allah and repentance.
“The repentance of disbelievers is by leaving infidelity and repentance of the believers is by leaving sins and misdeeds. Then Allah pays attention to us as the prophet Noah said: Then I said, “Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Surely He is the most forgiving. He will send down abundant rain from the sky for you, increase your wealth and sons; and grant you gardens and waterways. [Qur’an: 71:10-12],” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid further said.
He concluded his points by calling on the audience to ask forgiveness of Allah by different sentences and words which have been reported in Hadiths.


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