Afghanistan plays down consequences of US troop pullout

Afghanistan plays down consequences of US troop pullout

Afghan officials on Friday played down the consequences of the possible withdrawal of some 7,000 American troops from the country.
This came after the Wall Street Journal said in a report the U.S. President Donald Trump is planning a “substantial” drawdown of American forces from Afghanistan.
The Journal reported that over 7,000 American troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan, around half of the size of the U.S. presence in the country.
Haroon Chakhansuri, spokesman for the Afghan president, took to the social media to assert the Afghan forces have the capabilities to defend the country.
Citing example of the withdrawal of more than 100,000 foreign troops form the country in 2014, Chakhansuri said many analysts were warning that if such number of foreign forces leave Afghanistan, the country will fall.
“However, our brave National Defense and Security Forces proved this wrong by making sacrifices and defended the country and the people with courage,” he added.
Chakhansuri said most of the US forces — who will possibly be withdrawn from Afghanistan — are engaged in training and advise mission for Afghan forces.
Moreover, Fazel Fazly, top adviser to the Afghan president, said the fight on the front-line and security of the entire nation had been carried out by the Afghan forces over the past four years.
He said that despite the overwhelming war in the country, the Afghan armed and air forces have strengthened day by day.


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