Shaikh Ab. Hamid’s Talks in Sunni Rectors’ Meeting

Shaikh Ab. Hamid’s Talks in Sunni Rectors’ Meeting

Dozens of Rectors gathered at Darululoom Zahedan to take part in the first meeting of ongoing academic year on 29th Sep. 2018.
Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid, chairman of the Coordination Council of Sunni Seminaries in Sistan-Balochistan talked to the rectors and called them to be with people always.

Here is summery of his speech:
Teaching is an important duty that was the duty of prophets. They began their activities with teaching and preaching.
Building mankind without education and edification is impossible.
Islamic schools and Madrassahs are factories of making human beings perfect. They should educate and produce mentors, teachers and reformers. By good planning, strong determination and aspiration we can bring big changes in society.
Ulama are assets of people; they are carefree and confident because they think Ulama take care of their all needs, including economy and the endless life.
People consider Ulama their defenders who defend their religion and protect their political rights.
Some people think there will not be any divine punishment because Ulama wake up at nights and supplicate to Allah; this is the common viewpoint of many people about you. So our duty is very vital; we should seek satisfaction of Allah and fulfill people’s expectation.
We should focus on two things in our schools and madrassah: 1. Environment of scientific competition. Teachers and rectors should give more time to madrassahs in order to create such atmosphere. 2. Spiritual environment.
There should be a spiritual and scientific environment in the society, too.
Enjoin people, teachers and directors of the education bureau to work hard more.
Ulama should sit together after short periods and exchange ideas.
All Islamic rulings are wisely. Hajj gathers all Muslims to remove social gaps and differences of classes. We should be like Sahabah and there shouldn’t be a wall between us and masses.
Mosques and madrassahs are basis of Islam; they are big blessings of Allah and we should recognize their value.
Reformation of Ummah is the main duty of Ulama.


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